Best Vitamin To Take For Weight Loss For People Over 40 Years Old

Best Vitamin To Take For Weight Loss For People Over 40 Years Old

Losing weight can't be that easy...right?

You might be carrying more pounds than you last remembered or were even aware of. Shedding that extra weight can seem harder as we grow older since our metabolism changes. What if we told you that you can slim down with the best vitamin to take for weight loss?

What is the best vitamin to take for weight loss?

best vitamin to take for weight loss

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Dr Holly Lofton is the director of medical weight management at NYU Langone Health. She advises that our bodies naturally stop bone production after we hit 30. This, in turn, affects our metabolism. But exactly what does that mean for our health?

Dr Lofton advises that we end up storing more fat because of the stop of bone production.

“If we don’t increase muscle-mass production, overall metabolism goes down.”

The solution? Inject more vitamin D into your diet!

Experts say that increasing your vitamin D intake helps to boost your metabolism. Studies indicate that this is the best vitamin to take for weight loss because it burns more energy in the body.

Researchers at Boston University report you can lose up to twice as much weight while dieting with 2000 IU vitamin D3 daily. The science is explained simply as the dietary fats are transported by the vitamin to your muscles. By doing so, we burn fat as energy rather than store it as body fat.

And these great benefits can be gained by simply taking a daily vitamin D pill! It can be an effective catalyst for losing weight if we don’t have as much time as we grow older.

best vitamin to take for weight loss

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Dr. Lofton advises that with a stricter diet and increased frequency of physical activity, we can lose the weight that crept up on us over the year.

“Metabolism decrease is an inevitable part [of aging]. But we can offset it by being very, very careful. Monitoring your physical activity as well as your food intake and your metabolism takes a lot of work.”

What else can I do to lose weight in a healthy way?

best vitamin to take for weight loss

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You might be thinking “it can’t be THAT easy to lose weight as simply taking a daily vitamin tablet!” If you are worried about fast-fix diets or unhealthy weight loss, then consider these tips.

  • Always consult your doctor or a qualified medical professional to discuss the recommended amount of activity and dieting
  • Drink more water! There are no calories, keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins! Win-win
  • One mother swears by this fat-burning magic trio of habits – a healthy diet, a consistent exercise routine and breastfeeding!
  • Watch what you eat – you can’t outrun the fork!
  • Don’t skimp out on sleep! This is a super common mistake a lot of people make. But sleep is the most important way for the body to repair itself!

Keeping in shape boosts our self-confidence and helps us to enjoy life more, which also helps us enjoy time with our family better than before!

Source: Boston University School of Medicine

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