Discover the magic formula behind this Singapore mum's weight loss success!

Discover the magic formula behind this Singapore mum's weight loss success!

Three steps is what it takes...

I came across Mindi’s post about her weight loss journey recently and thought of asking her if she wanted to share her story, as well as her tips and tricks with you, our mummy readers, and I was delighted when Mindi agreed. 

After all, tried-and-tested weight loss secrets by a mum are always the best because they are realistic and easy for other mummies to follow too. 

Mindi’s current levels of fitness are definitely reflected in the photos she shared with us, which you see in this article, and are inspiring to say the least. 

So without further ado, here is Mindi’s story and her remarkably simple and achievable weight loss secrets and tips. 

singapore mum weight loss

A very pregnant Mindi


On track to ideal weight: motivation is needed

Mindi explains that after having her baby, she weighed 70kg. She now weighs 60kg and is striving to achieve her perfect weight, which is 57kg. Even during her pregnancy, she was determined to shed the post-pregnancy kilos, and we feel this determination is one of the keys in her weight loss success. 

Her motivation? It’s pretty simple. For Mindi, the health benefits that come with being at a healthy weight are really important. After all, if mummy is not healthy, then how can she look after her family? Her other reasons revolve around body positivity and feeling and looking good after having a baby. 

singapore mum weight loss

Mindi carefully tracked her weightloss journey through photos

Singapore mum weight loss secret: The magic number is 3!

How did Mindi do it? She swears by this combination: a healthy diet, a consistent exercise routine and breastfeeding. 

She follows this diet* trick which you can try out too: 1/4 of her plate consists of carbohydrates, 1/4 of it, protein and 1/2, fruits and vegetables. Mindi also avoids oily, greasy food and sweets, however, eats healthy oils (e.g. olive oil) and good carbs (e.g. sweet potato).

This mum also makes sure that she drinks plenty of water through her day. 

In terms of exercise*, she swears by at least eight minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT)/ tabata a day. Mindi explains that she pushes herself to the max during these daily workouts.  

The final link in her weight loss success story is breastfeeding. While not all breastfeeding mums lose weight, luckily for Mindi, nursing her baby on demand helps her burn even more calories. She tells us that she plans to continue breastfeeding her little one for as long as she wants to nurse. 

singapore mum weight loss

A super-trim Mindi

Mums, Mindi has a message just for you: 

Six packs are made in the kitchen! Eating healthy is as important as exercise. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine, for example, stand instead of sitting down all the time, take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Pace out yourself – we are all busy mums. Do it slowly.

Discover the magic formula behind this Singapore mum's weight loss success!

Focus on doing whole body workouts like squats and planks. I know nowadays a lot of mummies like me, work full time and also need to take care of baby, family work, house chores.

To beat this, manage your time wisely. Eight minutes a day is all you need. 

We hope you are as inspired as we are by Mindi’s story. Her photos speak volumes about all her hard work, right mums? Good luck to you all on your own fitness quests too!

*Please check with your doctor before starting on any diet and/or fitness programme, especially if you are still breastfeeding and/or have given birth recently. 


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