Revealed! Women of THIS Age Have the Best Orgasms

Revealed! Women of THIS Age Have the Best Orgasms

Any guesses?

Sex is undoubtedly made so much better for women when it involves an orgasm. Yet, while some women never or rarely reach the big O, others don’t experience the full intensity that a proper, full-on orgasm can give you (*shudder). 

Could this be because you still haven’t reached the right age to experience the best female orgasmic fireworks? 

Now, a study has revealed the age after which orgasms improve by leaps and bounds for women!

Hello 30s!

best age for orgasms women

While you’d imagine that women in their 20s have the best climaxes, this is not the case. 

According to a new study by a contraceptive app, women in their 30s have the best orgasms: age 36 and older, to be precise!

The Study

Researchers interviewed over 2,500 women in 3 age groups: 23 and younger; 23-36; and 36 and older. 

The women were asked about their level of sexual satisfaction, how attractive they feel, how often they climax and the quality of orgasms. 

Women in the youngest age group had the least frequent orgasms. And women in the oldest age category experienced orgasms with the highest intensity and frequency!

Not surprising? 

best age for orgasms women

Older women are more attuned with what they like and don’t like in bed, and this paves the way for better quality and more frequent orgasms.

Ian Kerner, PhD, is a sex therapist (not involved in the study) and is not one bit surprised at these findings.

He says, “Many women I talk to in their late 30s and 40s feel like they know what turns them on or off and that they can communicate that with their partner.” 

Kerner also offers some insight to the actual science behind why this happens. 

When women are in the mid 20s, female hormone levels are at their highest. But this doesn’t automatically mean that they also experience mind-blowing orgasms, just because physically, they are at their peak of ‘womanliness’. 

Instead, for women to really experience their best orgasms, they need to be in a good place from a psychological point-of-view, too. 

“Older women are often in long-term relationships or marriages that are positive, that make them feel desired and confident,” says Kerner. “As women age, they develop more of the social and psychological supports to advocate for their own sexuality and they’re more in touch with their sexuality as well.”

In contrast, younger women in general may not have had as much sexual experience as their older counterparts. So, they might be less tuned-in to what actually works for them in bed and what doesn’t. 

Of course, just because you are 36 and older doesn’t automatically guarantee you a spot in the ‘best orgasms ever’ club.

But, it’s safe to say the magic combination of age+wisdom+loving partner is your best bet to having amazing orgasms. 

And if you are younger and reading this, well all we can say is that the best is yet to, um, come!

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