Cruel babysitter caught beating and force-feeding babies on video

Cruel babysitter caught beating and force-feeding babies on video

These videos was taken secretly as evidence

A recent video of a bad nanny in Johor went viral on Facebook yesterday as worried netizens kept sharing in hopes to find the parents of the babies involved.

A total of three videos were secretly taken by the nanny’s friend to serve as evidence so that she could warn the families to stop sending their baby to this babysitter.

According to Barbara Siew’s post, the nanny was taking care of four children in her house. Two of them have been taken home, but the other two is still staying with the nanny.

Bad Nanny in Johor Caring for 4 Children

bad nanny in johor

Screenshot taken from Barbara Siew

In the first video, the nanny was feeding the baby some porridge while complaining how difficult it was caring for them. Midway feeding it seemed like the baby choked a little, and the food spewed out from his mouth. This angered the nanny, so she violently slapped the baby’s forehead. She continued feeding him but decided that one slap wasn’t enough, so she slapped him again all the while shouting that if the baby doesn’t want to eat then he will be beaten. At this point, her friend piped in and told her not to hit him. The nanny then said, “But if I don’t beat him, he won’t eat.” 

bad nanny in johor

In the second video, the nanny was again feeding another baby boy his porridge. The nanny started shouting and slapping his face because he started crying. 

“Who will look after you after this? Who will want you!? Why must you cry when eating your porridge? Do you want to die?”

In the last video, the nanny was feeding a third baby, and he too did not want to eat. But the nanny did not care and kept feeding him despite his crying.

“Swallow! Hurry up! After this, you bathe; your mummy is on the way, you bad boy!” shouted the nanny as she continued to force feed him. 

bad nanny in johor

The babies stayed with the nanny day and night

The nanny is said to be charging RM1,400, and the babies are with her day and night. Oriental Daily News interviewed one of the mothers who sent her child to that bad nanny in Johor.  According to her, the person who took the video told her aunt about the abuse in July but her aunt did not believe her.

“So she took the video as proof to show to my aunt. My aunt told me this three weeks ago and my husband immediately came back from Singapore and we took our son away from her.”

The baby’s mother told reporters that they couldn’t take any action against the nanny at that time because initially, the aunt’s friend was not willing to share the video. She did not want to get involved, and so they had no evidence.

Now that they do, they will be filing a report and they are looking for a lawyer to take action against the nanny.

Be careful when choosing a nanny

With the demands of today, we can understand why more and more parents are sending their children to daycare and nannies. However, as parents, we really need to be very careful who we entrust our kids to.  While we understand the demands of work, do take time to choose wisely. Know the red flags when you see them and do regular checks. 

Despite circumstances, we’re glad the babies did not sustain major injuries. Still, if that bad nanny in Johor continued to force feed them at every meal, there’s a risk of choking and that could really cause some serious harm.

It is also a characteristic of Asian culture to not want to press charges or cause bigger trouble. “Oh, we don’t want to disrespect the old woman,” or “Oh, we’re young parents, maybe we don’t know any better?”  But we’re talking about young innocent babies who DO NOT have a voice here. What about other unsuspecting victims?

Perhaps in her defence, the bad nanny in Johor might say that her methods deliver results. However, nothing justifies beating a baby into submission. 

In the video, she was already slapping the little ones and beating them pretty hard without restraint – even in the presence of a guest. Just imagine what else the babies endured behind closed doors.

Do not take this matter lightly parents. Don’t wait until it is too late.


Source: Barbara Siew, Oriental Daily

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Rosanna Chio

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