Nanny arrested in Singapore for allegedly feeding babies cough mixture!

Nanny arrested in Singapore for allegedly feeding babies cough mixture!

These parents were shocked to find their baby unusually drowsy and listless. How did it happen?

When Denny Tan and his wife picked up their baby from the nanny's house on the morning of Dec 26, the 11-month-old looked unusually drowsy. According to Mr. Tan, "She looked drugged, was cranky and couldn’t sit straight.” The nanny told them that she was probably just tired and sleepy.

Doctors felt something was fishy

The baby continued to remain sleepy even after she had had a nap. It also appeared that she could not control her limbs. She was taken to the hospital, where doctors suspected foul play.

In his Facebook post, Mr. Tan writes, "The hospital didn't know what had happened to my baby and they lodged a police report."


According to The Straits Times, on Thursday, Dec 29, the 35-year-old nanny was arrested, after it was found that many parents had lodged reports against her, complaining of similarly drowsy and listless babies.

Police further seized some medicines from the nanny's home, including cough mixture and sleeping pills.

Nanny claims to be a nurse

Apparently, this nanny advertised her services on Facebook and claimed to be a nurse at Sengkang polyclinic and an ex-nurse from KK Hospital! "Hence, I thought she must be a very patient person", Mr. Tan tells theAsianparent. She charged him $30 for her services.

Mr. Tan tells us, "We did see multiples cuts and scars on her forearm, and wondered about it. But the fact that she seemed nice and lived in an HDB maisonette with 2 daughters and her husband, convinced me that it was okay to pass the baby to her." His wife said that when they dropped their baby off at the flat, the nanny seemed to be nice and promised to take good care of the little one.

In his Facebook post, Mr. Tan warns people against engaging this nanny, who stays in Hougang Avenue 8.

The Straits Times says that police are currently conducting investigations. Meanwhile, the baby has not recovered completely and continues to be hospitalised.

We hope this little baby recovers fine from the ordeal. May justice be served.

Did you think such things could happen in Singapore? How can we choose the right nanny for our kids? Go to the next page to find out...

According to the news report, Mr. Tan engaged in the services of this nanny only because he and his wife had an emergency to attend to that night.

How can we choose the right nanny for our kids? How do we ensure that she is in safe hands? We think these tips might help:

  • The best way to find a babysitter is by word of mouth. Ask your friends to recommend people they have trusted with taking care of their children.
  • Also try looking for nannies on nanny agencies or other classified listings. Specify your child's age, language preference, religion and dietary requirements.nanny-2
  • Be sure to conduct an interview in person. Ask specific questions and state your requirements up front. The babysitter’s home environment, profile and personality should also be scrutinised.
  • Trust your gut. If you get a negative feeling and feel uncomfortable around the person, chances are your child would most likely feel the same way.
  • Always check and double-check references. Make sure they come from trustworthy sources such as previous employers, teachers and ex-bosses. Don’t hesitate to contact these people if you discover any glaring irregularities or inconsistencies.
  • Your child can provide valuable feedback on the new babysitter. Check whether she is happy and well rested.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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