Find a babysitter in Singapore

Find a babysitter in Singapore

How do you go about finding a babysitter in Singapore? There are a few ways to do your search as we explore within the article. Find your perfect babysitter in Singapore now!

babysitter in Singapore

Here are a list of ways to help you find a babysitter or nanny in Singapore

Don’t feel guilty that you need some babysitting help—no one is expecting you to be a superwoman. Now that you have come to a conclusion with your spouse to get a babysitter in Singapore—how do you go about finding one?

Read on for how you can do your research for that match when seeking the most appropriate babysitter in Singapore.

We know you have specific needs to cater to, so do a careful search. Dig deep if you have to.

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Forums and groups

When looking for a babysitter in Singapore, perhaps you can start seeking tips and advise from other parents who have been there and done that. Just post your question or request in the abundant active forums and see what other parents have to say.

Many parents will be delighted to recommend a babysitter in Singapore they may have used before.

Join a mummy group on Facebook! has quite a few groups of mothers with children of different ages. Here, you can interact with other mothers who have children of the same age. Make friends and seek their advice too. Click on the Facebook Mum groups and join…

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Websites for babysitters in Singapore

There are quite a number of websites you can check out when searching for your babysitter in Singapore. Here are the sites listed in random order. Be sure to read through the testimonials of parents who have used the services of these sites first.



1. Nannypro is a nanny matching agency. They are a licensed employment agency with the Ministry of Manpower and qualified to place caregivers from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and other approved sources. They have caregivers ranging from post-natal Confinement Nanny, Nanny to Domestic Helpers to suit parents’ requirements.

Also, they will “allow you to have one month guarantee of the nanny, within which a replacement of nanny can be requested at no additional costs” –in case you’re unsure their service will meet your expectations.

2. has been around since 1998 and helps parents in their search of finding a babysitter or whatever childcare needs the parent may be seeking. According to their website, they are also licensed by the Ministry of Manpower. According to their site, in terms of quality control “careful consideration is given to the needs of the clients in terms of the age of the child, language preference, religion, dietary requirements and location etc.”



3. Yet another site is As stated on their site, they are “an independent and registered company that helps the public in search of a babysitter, nanny, or house sitter in Singapore.”


PEM Maid

4. PEM Maid Employment agency can help you find an infant care trained maid. Check out this online resource. According to an excerpt on the site, they: “Conduct stringent psychological assessment tests to determine the suitability of intended foreign domestic helpers to minimize any inconvenience that may arise for the prospective employers. Only after carefully accessing these test results will [they] recommend them to [their] clientele.”

A-Team Amahs

A-Team Amahs

5. A-team Amahs and cleaners is yet another resource for parents looking for a babysitter in Singapore. They have been featured in quite a few newspapers and magazine. They have confinement nannies as well as babysitters.

Baby Carers

Baby Carers

6. For a free online resource, you can check out As stated on their site: “ provides the easiest way for you to find a reliable babysitter, childminder or nanny in your area.” All membership features are also free.

Raffles Services

Raffles Services

7. is another site where you can find domestic babysitting, hotel babysitting and house cleaning. The types of babysitting services you will find here are: live in and live out nannies, part time or ad hoc babysitters and tutors or playmates. All babysitters and cleaners are Singaporeans or PRs.

Raffles Services

Raffles Services

8. matches families with nannies in Singapore. All you have to do is post an ad for a babysitter in Singapore—or any sort of childcare you may need. All ads are free and remains active for 3 months. However, you will have to pay if you want to contact a nanny/babysitter. The cost will be: $5 per week, $10 per month, $15 for 2 months and $20 for 3 months.

Happy Kids School House

Happy Kids School House

9. If you’re looking for a drop off service, check out Happy Kids Club Singapore. Remember to book in advance as it is subject to availability.

We hope this article to find a babysitter in Singapore was helpful for you. Please do share with other parents if you have additional info, in the comment box below.

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