Tips when choosing a babysitter

Tips when choosing a babysitter

Choosing a babysitter can be daunting so here are some guidelines to bear in mind when hunting for the right candidate. Read on to know.

The best way to choosing a babysitter is by word of mouth. Ask your friends to recommend people they have trusted with taking care of their children. Also try looking for nannies on nanny agencies or other classified listings.

Home day care centres and teenage babysitters may offer more time-flexible childcare options, but they are more likely to change as individuals move or change jobs.

Choosing a babysitter: What to know before you hire one

1. Be sure to conduct an interview in person. Ask specific questions and state your requirements (such as house rules and working hours) up front.

2. Trust your gut instinct if the interviewee gives you a negative feeling. If you feel uncomfortable around this person then your child would most likely feel the same way.

3. Always check and double-check references. Make sure they come from  trustworthy sources such as previous employers, teachers and ex-bosses. Don't hesitate to contact these people if you discover any glaring irregularities or inconsistencies.

After you hire a babysitter

Your child can provide valuable feedback on the new babysitter. Look for these clues to help you determine whether you will retain the babysitter:

1. Your child is well-rested the next day. This means the babysitter carried out your bedtime instructions.

2. The house is as tidy when you return to it.  A good babysitter will respect your home. It shows consideration on her part if she does things like washing the dishes she used or picking up toys left out by your child..

3. Your child wants the babysitter to return. If your child talks about the fun they had, or seems excited, the chances are you chose the right babysitter.

4. She genuinely likes your child. It’s wonderful when your child and the babysitter get along like old friends. If that happens breathe a sigh of relief and thank your good luck!

When entrusting an outsider with the care of your children it is worth the time to choose a babysitter with care . We often read of unfortunate cases such as the babysitter who had four infants die under her care, and believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

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