Singapore mum saves the life of six-month-old baby with liver failure

Singapore mum saves the life of six-month-old baby with liver failure

Earlier, we brought you a story about a six-month-old baby boy – Jayden – who was suffering from acute liver failure.

It was when the family were visiting relatives in Malaysia that they realised their little boy was very sick. He had jaundice and also diarrhea several times a day. When they rushed back to Singapore to see a doctor, they discovered that the baby’s liver was failing rapidly. The only thing that could save him was a liver transplant.

Time was rapidly running out for this little one and his mother, Kelly Law, posted several desperate appeals for liver donors. She and her husband were found not to be good matches for their baby. 

On June 19, she shared the good news that they had found several potential donors for their baby boy. Was their baby with liver failure saved, finally? 

baby with liver failure saved

Little Jayden suddenly because very sick, and his liver started to fail. | Image: Facebook

Baby with Liver Failure Saved by Singaporean Mum

Many kind-hearted Singaporeans were quick to respond to the desperate mum’s plea. Three people offered to donate their livers to save the little boy and underwent medical checks to see if they were suitable donors. 

But of these three, it was a 32-year-old mother of a three-year-old child who was the best candidate. So, on June 20, surgeons at the National University Hospital performed the life-saving liver transplant. 

According to reports, after a 12-hour surgery, both the baby and the donor are now recovering. And yes, the operation was successful! 

Gratitude Beyond Measure

As can only be expected, Mrs Law is full of gratitude towards the mother who so selflessly gave her liver to save the little baby. 

She reportedly said, “It takes immense courage to make this decision and not everyone is able to do so.” Mrs Law also praised the donor for her selflessness, remarking that “apart from one’s parents, I don’t think a person who is unrelated to the patient will be willing to undergo the transplant.”

The selfless mother didn’t just stop at giving her liver. Reportedly, as soon as she recovered from the anesthesia, she asked about the baby boy’s condition. She also sent a text message to Mrs Law that read:  “I hope that this transplant will inspire more people to help others.”

Mrs Law and the donor are yet to meet in person. Typically, a liver donor can leave the hospital after around a week. Their liver will regenerate in a few months, and they can continue to live a regular life. 

We at theAsianparent are delighted that little Jayden will get better soon. And we are incredibly proud of all the kind-hearted Singaporeans who responded without hesitation to Mrs Law’s appeal. 

But most of all, we are humbled by the ultimate act of generosity of the Singapore mother who selflessly donated liver to save this baby boy. We salute you, and may your message of kindness and generosity spread through the island!


Source: AsiaOne, Kelly Law’s Facebook

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