Jayden's story: the 6-month-old baby needing a liver donor

Jayden's story: the 6-month-old baby needing a liver donor

All that is known is little Jayden needs a new liver if he is to survive...

There's something unbelievably heartbreaking about a child who has a serious health condition. The empathy we have for their parents and the concern we have for these little ones is 100% genuine. That's why six-month-old Jayden's story has touched us and we're sharing it with the hope that this tiny baby gets the help he needs. 

baby needs a liver donor Here's hoping this tiny fighter gets the help he needs! Happy six months, little one.

Baby Needs a Liver Donor

On 14 June, little Jayden's mum Kelly Law made a desperate appeal: Her baby boy was in the ICU at National University Hospital, and he needed a liver donor as soon as possible. 

Here's the progression of events as explained in her Facebook post appeal: 

7/6/18:  We went back to our hometown in Malaysia, where our baby was with his grandmother. Jayden's skin and the whites of his eyes were yellow. 

8/6/18: We returned early to Singapore with baby. 

9/6/18: Jayden was rushed to KKH. Blood tests revealed that he was very sick, but they couldn't pinpoint what was wrong. He was sent to the ICU. 

10/6/18: Repeated blood tests showed that baby Jayden's liver function was deteriorating rapidly. But even after many checks, they couldn't find the reason why his liver was deteriorating so rapidly. That night, doctors decided he needed a liver transplant, and to tranfer him to NUH as KKH cannot do the surgery.  

13/6/18: At NUH, doctors were not that optimistic and said a liver transplant was the only method to save our baby. Both baby's daddy and I did checks to see if our livers were compatible. 

15/6/18: My report was out. In the morning, I was hopeful I could donate my liver and save my baby. But after an MRI scan, it was revealed that my liver was too fatty and therefore could not be used. My whole world suddenly collapsed. Dad's liver too was no good for Jayden. 

Kelly's post ended with a desperate appeal for a liver donor (blood type B+/ O+), and concern that her family could take care of all the costs. 

In an update today (18 June), which also happens to be little Jayden's six month birthday, Kelly mentions that they have received altruistic donors. They are still waiting for reports to confirm the match, but they are hopeful.

Here's hoping little Jayden's liver transplant is a success. We'll keep you posted with updates! 


Signs of Liver Failure in Children: A Quick List

One of the first signs of liver failure in little ones is jaundice. This will leave their skin and eyes (the white) with a yellowish hue. 

Other than this, here are some common symptoms: 

  • Tendency to bruise or bleed easily
  • Ascites: a fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity
  • Impaired brain function (trouble thinking)
  • Generally feeling ill
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea

Don't take risks with babies and young children, mums and dads. If something is not right, it's best to contact your doctor without delay. 


Reference: St Louis Children's Hospital

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