Why you should never leave your baby unattended on a changing table

Why you should never leave your baby unattended on a changing table

A 26-year-old mum just left the room to get her baby a bottle, not knowing her little one was suffocating on the changing table...

Mums and dads, you might be well aware of the hazards you need to beware of when leaving your kid inside a crib or even an adult bed. But even the seemingly safest surface can pose threats. One mum’s terrifying experience raises awareness about baby suffocation signsand the dangers of leaving your baby unsupervised— even on a diaper changing table.

Baby Suffocation Signs We Should Know About Following Mother’s Harrowing Experience

According to local news outlet KCCI 8 Des Moines, the three-month-old baby’s 26-year-old mum Laci Lynn Taylor has been charged with endangerment resulting in death. 

Reports say the mum of two left her baby girl unattended atop a diaper changing table. After she left the room, her baby rolled over on her stomach, causing her neck to compress itself onto the ledge of the table. As a result, the baby’s airway was cut off and she suffocated to death.

Authorities asserted that what makes this a criminal offence is the fact that the mum  left the baby unattended for a long time. What’s more, the mum was apparently aware that her baby could already roll over.

baby suffocation signs

This tragic case highlights baby suffocation signsand risks parents should know about. | Screenshot: KCCI 8 News video

Despite this, the baby’s dad says he does not blame his wife for what happened. 

“I have no ounce in my body that blames my wife at all,” says the baby’s dad Don Taylor, adding how the horrible accident could happen to any parent. He recounts how his wife left the room to get their baby a bottle. 

“There is not one day that we both don’t think about her, and the memories of that day is still in our head,” Taylor told the local news outlet. 

Our hearts go out to the family of this little one. May they find strength and comfort during the difficult days ahead.

Mums and Dads, Beware of These Baby Suffocation Signs 

What happened to this baby girl is truly heartbreaking. What’s even more worrying is that this can happen to any parent. You try your best to childproof your child’s crib and cot, but even any surface can be dangerous. 

While turning over on the tummy is an important developmental milestone, it can become a risk for suffocation, as this tragedy shows.

Like mentioned above, the baby rolled over on her tummy and suffocated on the edge of the table. So it’s important to know that any surface of the home can be a threat. 

baby suffocation signs

All mums and dads should know baby suffocation signsto keep their little ones safe! | Image source: Pexels

Here Are Baby Suffocation Signs to Watch Out For: 

Mechanical suffocation, or the blockage of airway by smothering by bed clothes or plastic bags, accounts for 80% of injury-related infant deaths in the U.S. alone. 

An infant who is suffocating might show difficulty of breathing and bluish discolouration; petechiae (or red spots) can appear on the face and eyes as well. 

When this happens, make sure to clear the baby’s airway. If there is an object blocking it, fish it out, or perform heimlich for babies as needed. If you are uncertain how to proceed, rush your baby to the nearest hospital or call emergency medical services immediately. 

Here’s How to Prevent Home Accidents from Happening to Your Baby:

The biggest takeaway here is NEVER leave your baby unattended, even if it’s just for a few moments. A lot can happen in just a few minutes. 

Here’s more precautions you can take to prevent accidents around the home. 

In the Bath or Tub: 

  1. Make sure to check the water temperature with your elbow before placing your baby inside the tub.
  2. Install safety covers for taps or faucets.
  3. Place non-slip mats around your bathroom — in and out of the tub.
  4. Make sure your toilet seats have child-proof locks to prevent injury!

In the Nursery:

  1. Rid your baby’s crib of clutter or hazardous toys.
  2. Don’t place accessories, like soft pillows, toys, crib bumpers, and blankets to prevent strangulation or suffocation.
  3. Place a cordless baby monitor to ensure your baby’s safety.

In the Car:

  1. Use a rear-facing car seat until he is over the age of two or until he exceeds the seat’s height and weight requirements.
  2. Make sure the car seat is properly locked in place, in the middle of the back seat.
  3. Position the shoulder straps at or below your baby’s shoulders to prevent suffocation.
  4. Do not, under any circumstance, place a blanket under the straps.

Around the Home: 

  1. Do you have stairs in the home? Make sure to install a childproof gate.
  2. Mount your television set so that it is out of your kid’s reach. Make sure the connection is stable.
  3. Choose cordless window shades to prevent strangulation.
  4. Make sure to place protective coverings over sharp edges of low shelves, coffee tables and the like.

Being vigilant against even unexpected dangers in the home could save your child’s life.


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