Mum Warns Others After Her Baby Suffers Brain Damage From a Fall

Mum Warns Others After Her Baby Suffers Brain Damage From a Fall

The baby fell from a queen-sized bed just moments after his parents left him there.

Try as parents might to watch over their baby at all times, the most life-altering accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Such was the case with baby Colton, the baby who fell from a queen-sized bed and suffered brain damage.

Baby Falls Down from Bed, Suffers Lasting Brain Damage

The baby’s mum, Paige Ferguson, 26 and her fiancé, Blake Linton, 31 were at their home in Arkansas, U.S.A. when it all happened. 

According to People, Ms. Ferguson left her baby boy on a queen-sized bed. After just a few moments, she heard a loud thump. 

“He started to cry immediately. I’ve never seen his dad move that fast ever. Blake dropped everything and ran into the room to get him,” she tells People, adding how she immediately noted a bump on the side of his head. 

As a first-time mom, she was filled with dread. So she brought baby Colton to the doctor as soon as possible. 

After he underwent a CT scan, the parents were horrified to find that he suffered a fractured skull.

Recalling the moment when they received the news, Ms. Ferguson says she just cried uncontrollably. She also blamed herself for what happened.

baby falls down from bed

Baby falls down from bed, mum warns others about dangers of babies sleeping in adult beds. | Image source: Paige Ferguson Facebook page

After an emergency brain surgery at a Memphis hospital, where the poor baby suffered a cardiac arrest, he miraculously survived. 

After a month in the hospital, where he had another brain surgery and numerous blood transfusions, Colton was ready to go home. 

Though his parents are thankful he made it through, mum Paige wants to warn other parents. Yes, her son survived, but he will be living with lasting brain damage. 

Because of what happened, Colton now has severe epilepsy. He also needs to take medication to control seizures. As he grows up, he might also have difficulty walking and talking. 

We know this little fighter is true survivor!

Baby Falls Down from Bed: Safety Tips for Parents

No one is at fault for what happened. The baby’s mum would not have left him on that bed if she knew there was this risk.

But the biggest takeaway here is: Do not let your baby sleep in an adult bed.

baby falls down from bed

Baby falls down from bed: What can parents learn from this unfortunate incident? | Image source: Shutterstock

Yes, you can leave your baby in a room to sleep, but make sure you adhere to these safety guidelines:

  • Put them to sleep on their backs. 
  • To avoid suffocation, make sure their clothing isn’t loose or too big.
  • Clear the area of soft toys and small pillows to prevent choking and strangulation.
  • Keep wires of mobile toys or lamps out of reach. 
  • Make sure the crib’s sheet is fitted and taut, so as to avoid suffocation. 
  • Do not use crib bumpers and other large, soft padding. They can do more harm than good. 
  • Make other caregivers know about these safety tips as well. 
  • If you have any concerns, or if you want to try any new methods to get a baby to sleep through the night, make sure to let your child’s paediatrician know!

What Should You Do If Your Baby Bumps Their Head?

Sadly, even simple bumps can cause serious internal effects. This is because kid’s brains are rapidly developing, so any injury can cause lasting consequences. 

When your child bumps their head, first stay calm. The first impulse would be to inspect the nature — severity, appearance, location — of the bump. 

Next, observe your child for any untoward symptoms like fainting or listlessness. Some advise not to let a child sleep after bumping their head due to a possible concussion. But what matters is to keep them relaxed. Call your child’s doctor or bring them to a nearby clinic if possible. 

Head bumps are a normal part of childhood. As a baby grows, they become more and more curious about their environment. Just make sure that in indulging their curiosity, they won’t be putting themselves at risk.

*lead and featured images from: Paige Ferguson’s Facebook page


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