How much would you spend on kid's clothes?

How much would you spend on kid's clothes?

Expensive, designer clothes on an adult make a fashion statement. Expensive, designer clothes on a child indicates how filthy rich you are-- But is dressing your kids in designer threads really all that?

Should your kid be wearing designer clothes?

Are you raising a future brand snob?

We don’t remember much of what went through our minds when we were kids of 8, 9 or younger…but if we were to hazard a guess, it will probably be along the lines of “Hhmmm…when will the ice cream man be coming by today?” or “If I were to whack my little brother over the head…will mum notice?” and most definitely “I’m hungry, why is dinnertime not here yet?”

Being trendy or fashionable is the last thing that came across our minds. In fact, we’re not even sure if we were aware of the concept of being fashionable or trendy.

And if we were to hazard yet another guess, we’re pretty sure that kids these days are pretty much the same…so why are there so many designer lines for kids up and about? Big-named fashion houses such as Dolce and Gabbana, Latvin and even Burberry have all come out with their own designer lines for kids…and for what?

Is there really a need for children to be wearing super expensive clothes when they can’t even reach the cookie jar the highest shelf in the fridge?

And when we really do sit down and think about it, we realize that designer lines for kids are not really for the kids themselves — it is for the kiasu parents who want to show how well off they are by being able to dress their kids in expensive wear.

Children, the younger ones especially, grow up so fast and they will pretty much grow out of their clothes as soon as you are leaving the store — so what better way to underline how much money you have than to dress your kids in expensive clothes that they can fit into for only a while?

Snobs in the making

If you are one of the parents who are styling your kids in expensive designer threads, do stop.

We’re not asking you to stop such a practice because it is annoying and tacky…because let’s face it – it is annoying and tacky. We’re asking you to stop because by dressing your kids in such luxury so early in life will spell behavioural disaster in the future.

Studies have shown that children who are spoilt with excessive worldly luxuries so early in life will grow up into overspending teenage snobs that are completely disconnected to the realities and hardships of life. Studies have also shown that children who are showered with such luxuries in life tend to grow up to become weak-willed individuals who are unsuccessful in most of their endeavours.

Is that what you really want for your kids?

Do remember that as parents, you do have a time limit on how long you can shield your child from the big bad world and if you are raising a spoilt child with an unrealistic understanding of the dollar from the get-go…how bad would it be for the child when it’s time for them to branch out on their own?

Therefore, it might seem like a good idea now to dress your kids in designer threads but in the long run…it will only damage your kids and the quality of their (future) lives.

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