Andie Chen Thanks Pandemic For Gift Of Grit, Patience And Compassion

Andie Chen Thanks Pandemic For Gift Of Grit, Patience And Compassion

"Dear COVID-19, If anything, you have undoubtedly gifted me with grit, patience, and compassion" - Andie Chen

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic seeing numbers rise to over 35,000 in coronavirus cases, cancelling travel plans everywhere, making sure we all stay indoors and limiting all sources of entertainment and fun, some people are beginning to see the rainbow in the storm in this whole situation. One such person is local actor Andie Chen, who is actually showing his gratitude and thanking the pandemic situation for gifting him with the character traits of “grit, patience and compassion.” 

Andie Chen

Andie Chen and family. Photo: Screengrab of actor’s Instagram account

Actor Andie Chen thanks the coronavirus 

Dear COVID-19

The touching tribute he penned to the virus comes as part of the Dear Covid-19 project, a collection of letters from Singaporeans affected by the pandemic and who are waging their battles and gaining perspective through it all. 

The 34-year-old actor noted his thoughts in a raw and insightful post on how the pandemic has taught him to appreciate the simple things in life and show him what really counts at the end of the day. 

“Some people view your arrival as punishment for the human race and its collective and perhaps somewhat irresponsible behaviour, but I think you are here to warn us,” he notes.

“To warn us that we are unprepared for possibly far worse attacks that are now seemingly inevitable. To warn us that the direction and pace we are collectively moving at is not sustainable and will eventually result in our own demise. And most importantly, to warn us that what we have now is precious and that we should all learn to practise unabating gratitude, never taking our lives for granted,” he adds. 

Andie Chen

Andie Chen thanks the pandemic for bringing families closer together. Photo: Dear covid-19 website

Despite not shrugging off the fact that the pandemic is “a killer”, he also does not want to blame the virus as “After all, what is the point of blaming a natural occurrence?”

Chen acknowledged that the gratitude he had for the pandemic did not take away from the reality that millions have been affected by this all. He notes that thanks to COVID-19, we have seen hundreds of thousands of deaths, economic recessions in the form of companies closing and scaling down and people losing their incomes, with many people “taking to the streets to protest while countries turn on each other as deeper and darker secrets are revealed.”

Andie Chen: It does feel like the end times

However, despite having apocalyptic connotations to it and making us “feel like the end times”, the pandemic has also brought rise to a new wave of perspective and refreshing thinking, according to Chen.

“If we take a closer look, for most people in the world, families are together. We are finally taking the time to notice and look carefully at our loved ones and more importantly, at our own selves. Our bonds as a community and as families are strengthening and for many, we are becoming happier,” he noted. 

Andie Chen Thanks Pandemic For Gift Of Grit, Patience And Compassion

The actor and family in pre-pandemic times. Photo: Screengrab of Andie Chen’s Instagram account


Paying tribute to COVID-19, Chen thanks the pandemic for gifting him with “grit, patience, and compassion.”

“I have witnessed how savage you are as you inexorably bring destruction to so many families who are now suffering the consequences of your ruthlessness. But if anything, you have undoubtedly gifted me with grit, patience and compassion. Tough times build and shape character,” he notes. 

“Thanks to you, I have been standing up to my fears as I strip away my frustrations. Thanks to you, I will no longer focus on the things I cannot control, and instead, on the things, I can. And that, COVID-19, is what will put me in good stead to become a better person – for my family and for my country,” he further adds. 

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