Stay Home: How Singapore Celebs And Their Kids Spend Time Creatively During COVID-19

Stay Home: How Singapore Celebs And Their Kids Spend Time Creatively During COVID-19

Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Stefanie Sun and other celeb parents share their stay home activities with kids—and they're great fun!

As we ease into our daily lives with the implementation of the “circuit breakers” to fight against rising COVID-19 infections in Singapore, some of us try to be productive while staying home as much as possible.

For some, life could seem like it has come to a standstill with various restrictions put in place. However, if we think forward and see the greater good to things, we can emerge stronger as a community. And if we are lucky enough to still be able to spend time with our loved ones at home, then we are already considered fortunate.

And if you’re a parent, staying home also means getting to spend more time with your child through stay home activities with kids, creating more memories together.

We look at how celebrity parents in Singapore are spending time with their kids while staying in—and still having loads of fun together!

Stay Home Activities With Kids And Their Celeb Parents 

Fann Wong

The veteran actress’ son, Zed, could be seen immersed in an inflatable pool. At one glance, we almost believed that the “turtle” was real… except it wasn’t, thanks to Google 3D Animals feature. 

Zed was also seen accompanied by other “animals” which included an angler fish and octopus. Seems like this augmented reality feature just raised the bar of what having fun at home could look like! Refer here for the full list of animals.

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One pet is not enough , Zed’s new pet , #hawksbillturtle 😆😆😆 and finally he got #octopus and #anglerfish as pet 😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️ #stayhomestaysafe

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How to get an animal to appear using Google 3D Animals

  • Start with a standard Google search for your favourite animal on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Scroll down until you see a white box that says “Meet a life-sized [animal] up close.” 
Stay Home: How Singapore Celebs And Their Kids Spend Time Creatively During COVID-19

Stay home activities with kids: here’s how you can have giant pandas, penguins, sharks and more appear in your house in no time. | Photo: Screenshot from Google

  • Click on “View in 3D” and wait for a new pop-out window
  • Wait for said animal to appear – slightly wiggle your phone until it appears

Andie Chen and Kate Pang

If you haven’t heard, Singapore-based actor Andie Chen and wife Kate Pang have chosen to let their kids skip school to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of home-schooling, Avery and Aden were involved in creating bracelets using building blocks. While it seems like ordinary playtime, Kate wrote that the activity helps to train children’s fine motor skills. The way children play with these blocks can also be telling of their personality, she said.

And now that the family are indoors, they engage in activities like “stories, workbooks and board games”.

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在家自学,今天制作积木手环,可以训练孩子的小肌肉协调,还可以观察孩子的个性。 – 今天A等看到这个积木手环,问我哪个是他的,我问他这里一蓝一粉红,他喜欢哪个,他说都可以(以前明明是粉红控,还会偷穿妹妹粉色内裤),我叫他跟妹妹商量,后来A等拿了蓝色,妹妹拿粉红,应该是因为蓝色的也很colorful~🤣 – 后来看他们做手环,看到两个孩子真的很不一样,A等喜欢很快做好,把所有元素都放在一起,妹妹是前面一两次,做完不满意又拆掉,之后全部选正方形的摆了一小排。 – 孩子的作品完全展现两人不同的个性,妹妹喜恶分明,很清楚自己要的是什么,哥哥超大爱,什么都要,什么都喜欢,那你们猜猜哪个小孩比较难搞呢? – #kandiefamily #parenting #family #adenchen #katepang #andiechen #averychen #cutebaby #brotherandsister #kids #kidcomedian #momanddaughter #monandson #霏姐 #A等 #homeschool #自学 #妈妈脑紧绷

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Jaime Teo

There’s nothing quite like bonding through duet singing, at least for Jaime and her 10-year-old daughter Renee. Singing to  “quirky happy songs” is just part of their usual mother-daughter bonding.

Or… even Tiktok dance sessions to liven up the mood at home! 

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The warm up before my workout 😆 #mommydaughteractivity #tiktok #bondingtime #thingswedotogether #smiles #stayhome #mommydaughter #sundaybest #sundaysmiles

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Carole Lin

Seems like belting out to popular tunes is another great stay home activity to consider, as we garnered from a post by @brooklynsingapore, an account managed by dad David Lim.

The girl, daughter of former celebrity Carole Lin, was immersed in singing Frozen 2’s ‘Into the Unknown’.

Fun fact: did you know that singing also presents multiple health benefits such as improving your mood and strengthening lungs? Definitely a good idea in light of COVID-19.

If singing is not your child’s cup of tea, then perhaps role play could be a better fit.

stay home activities with kids

Stay home activities with kids could mean… lots of jumping in the air. #safetyfirst | Photo: drdavidlim / Instagram

Zoe Tay

A musician in the making?

Zoe Tay shares a video clip of her son who “is slowly composing his own song”, which we cannot help but be awed at his talent and dedication. 

Whether it is piano, guitar, drama, dance or singing, being home now presents a good opportunity to further hone your child’s musical talents.

Jacelyn Tay

“I found out that my son prepared 听写 (spelling test) for his 73 year old 婆婆 (grandma),” wrote Jacelyn in her Instagram post

What a brilliant idea as it helps him to learn and apply what he has studied while grandma gets to “stimulate her mind to improve memory and prevent dementia”.

“This is what we can do while staying at home during the Covid-19 crisis. 🤣”

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I was wondering what these two fellows were doing. Then I found out that my son prepared 听写test for his 73 yr old 婆婆 (grandma) 🤣🤣🤣. Lolxxx… I ever taught him, the best way to learn and remember what we study is to teach others. I was giving tuition to P5 when I was P6. That was why mama got As and A* for all subjects. . . I didn’t expect him to conveniently take his grandma as his student! Hahahaha… What a wonderful win-win situation… One needs to remember his Chinese, another needs to stimulate her mind to improve memory and prevent dementia. . . This is what we can do while staying at home during the Covid19 crisis 🤣🤣🤣🤣. . . #mamanzavier #zavierwong

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Stefanie Sun

The possibilities are endless when it comes to activities you can do at home, according to Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun. 

In her Instagram post, she shares adorable shots together with her daughter doing stretching, dabbling with cute photo filters among other activities at home. Aww! 

stay home activities with kids

Stay home activities with kids: kids love adorable photo filters, so go on and explore with them. | Photo: stefsunyanzi / Instagram

Here are some parent-child bonding activities inspired by her post: exercising, taking selfies with photo filters, discovering new things online, planting at home, playing hide-and-seek, and simply enjoying the sunshine from indoors.

Daniel Ong

Sometimes, having the greatest fun could be as simple as having each other as company. Just like sisters Renee and Gretel who seem to be having a ball of time bouncing off their seats at home.

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Bonding time for sisters!❤️❤️❤️ @thisisreneeong @babygretel2015 #thisisreneeong #sisters #live #stayhome

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It’s always better, together!

Florence Tan

Florence Tan, a Malaysian actress previously based in Singapore details her daily experience (#Covid19 diary) with the family since the lockdown in Malaysia.

She also streams on Facebook Live (username: Florence陈秀丽) at 10am in the morning where she shares meal preparations with her twin daughters, taking online piano lessons and partaking in morning exercises. 

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#封城日记# #秀丽随笔# #封城第15天 #4月1号日# #covid19 diary #florencecook# #秀丽美食# 26-34度 热天 今天大马增加142累计2908 出院645 每天都在祈求肺炎细菌赶快停止 疫情不要再增加 还大家平安生活 信念和行动可以战胜一切 今天早上跳了郑多燕瘦臂锻炼操 改了小童的作业 自己看了一本书 看了顿马的直播 他说要健美身材要多锻炼 要聪慧的脑要多阅读 他也聊到一些经济的看法 早餐: 叉烧包 午餐:炒乌冬 晚餐:北京烤鸭、炖白萝卜汤、炖包菜 白萝卜汤:红枣 枸杞 白萝卜 盐 大骨 按钮等吃 包菜:油、盐、包菜、炸好将鱼仔 按钮等吃 口味很甜也好吃的懒人料理 Today day 15 Watch Tun Mahathir live today He mention need to study and exercise at home He can do fry rice quite well last time Today we do Korea gym Breakfast: steam char siew bun Lunch: fry udon Dinner: Beijing roast duck, white carrot soup, cabbage and brown white rice From web: Life is a lesson, the trick is to find out what it’s trying to teach you 👍

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Melody Chen

Singapore Actress and TV host Melody Chen shares a super cute clip of dad Randall Tan, lifting their twins up with push ups.

That’s some quality bonding time over there, plus loads of giggles—so why not!

P.S. Laughter is always the best medicine.

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The reason why it’s been even more of a challenge to workout at home. 😅 #see10do3 . It’s nice that the #mezzarantwins are able to “see” their Daddy every now and then in his WFH space at home. They don’t bother him much because they know that he is “working” at home but they do look forward to seeing him at mealtimes. 😅 . I’m just glad that we get more scrumptious meals now when the husband gets inspired to cook right after getting “off” work! 😜 . In the meantime, it’s been diaper-only days for the twins everyday now because of the warm humidity and if you’ve been ordering @rascalandfriends eco-friendly diapers from RedMart, I hear that they’re extending their online promotions so that you still have time to get a delivery slot! . ( **Standby your fast fingers at 10am! May the odds be ever in your favour! 😉 ) . #workoutwithtoddlers #diaperonlyclub #rascalandfriendssg #maeganrileytan #reubenmichaeltan #mezzaranclan

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Stay Home: How Singapore Celebs And Their Kids Spend Time Creatively During COVID-19

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