Andie Chen reveals why he fell in love with Kate Pang!

Andie Chen reveals why he fell in love with Kate Pang!

Andie Chen has revealed why he fell in love with Kate Pang. "I realised how much I have grown since she came into my could I have forgotten?", he says.

Singapore actor Andie Chen recently shared the sweetest anniversary message for his wife, Kate Pang. And he reveals why he fell in love with her!

Kate Pang and Andie Chen first developed feelings for each other when they acted as lovers in Break Free in 2012. They ended up dating secretly for over a year before announcing their marriage in November 2013. Today they are parents to 2 adorable kids, Aden and Avery.

So what drew Andie Chen to Kate Pang? Read on!

Why Andie Chen fell in love with Kate Pang

On their fifth anniversary this year, Andie showered praise on Kate for changing his life.

He wrote on social media, “I used to be a selfish person, I wasn’t bad, I just couldn’t see things from anyone else’s perspective.”

“Then came this reckless, stubborn and tomboyish woman. She showed me how to love and care for people, and what it means to be a good human being, she changed my life.”

Andie Chen


But somewhere down the line, as the couple got busy with their career and family, they forgot to make time for themselves. They forgot how they fell in love.

In fact, last year, on their anniversary, Kate Pang had revealed cracks in their relationship.

She shared that, “When we were dating, we could spend all day together and wouldn’t get sick of each other. After having kids, most of the time got dedicated to our kids and work.”

“We fell apart.”

They got into big fights over the kids, and even stopped talking to each other. Then, they realised that they had to communicate more…and things got much better.

Andie Chen


“We found a way to love our kids without neglecting each other. Marriage does require hard work. Marriage, you really have to “manage”!” Kate had revealed.

Looks like, the couple are back to being madly in love with each other. This year, apparently, they celebrated their 5th anniversary in Phi Phi islands.

Andie writes, “While I was eager to soak in the sun, she was picking trash from the beach, think of the sea animals she said.”

“While I celebrated grabbing a good seat on the ferry, she gave it up for a family with a toddler, we ended up half standing for the whole ride. Again and again she placed the needs of others before her.”

“Looking back, I realised how much I have grown since she came into my life. Suddenly, it was clear as day how I fell in love, how could I have forgotten?”

“Thank you for making me a better person. Happy fifth anniversary baby.”

Aww…wasn’t that a really nice message from Andie to Kate? Here’s wishing this gorgeous couple more love and happiness!

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