Andie Chen reveals what's stopping him from having Baby No. 3!

Andie Chen reveals what's stopping him from having Baby No. 3!

What is stopping Andie Chen from having a third baby?

We love the Kandie family. Singapore actors Andie Chen and Kate Pang, and their 2 adorable kids, Aden and Avery, make for a super cute quartet.

If you are wondering though, if the celeb couple has any plans of expanding their family, the answer might be a “No”.

In a recent interview, Andie Chen reveals what’s probably stopping him from having Baby No. 3.

Kandie Family: Why Andie Chen does not want Baby No. 3

Andie Chen revealed the hardest thing about being a dad and a little bit of his parenting style in a recent interview with Women’s Weekly.

So what’s stopping him from having Baby No. 3?

“I think lack of sleep is the main thing that’s stopping me from having a third baby. Just those two years, where you can’t function properly as a human being is a major deterrent. You know when people say you get used to not having enough sleep? Nope, that’s a lie. You never get used to it.”

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“I mean having children is worth it but it’s not easy,”Andie tells Women’s Weekly.

Andie shares that his sleep issues are getting better now, but before the kids turned two, he had a bit of a crazy time.

In fact, wifey Kate Pang had previously revealed that life with kids was tough initially. The couple nearly fell apart after getting into big fights over the children. They realised that they had to communicate more…and things thankfully got much better.

We found a way to love our kids without neglecting each other. Marriage does require hard work. Marriage, you really have to “manage”!” Kate had revealed.

Andie Chen on life as a dad

So what does Andie Chen like most about being a dad?

“The thing I love about being a dad though is experiencing things for the first time again. When your child first smells a flower, or touches rain, you get to do that again too,” he tells Women’s Weekly.

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As a dad, Andie is very clear on the role he wants to play in his children’s lives.

“Making sure that they’re physically healthy is the first thing, second is making sure that they’re psychologically healthy, and the third one is just to make sure that they have the right values that they can build on…”

He dislikes baby poop, and misses his sleep, but Andie admits that mums have it much harder when it comes to raising children.

“The mum has it harder because they deal with so much more.”

“Mums have to balance everything and it’s a lot of work. For example, sometimes when I’m tired I sleep alone and my kids sleep with my wife.”

Andie Chen reveals what's stopping him from having Baby No. 3!

“She doesn’t give me a hard time for that…”

“I just have to help her with her chores a little bit and she thinks I’m super dad,” says Andie.

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(Source: Women’s Weekly)

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