Guide: All You Need To Know About Your Second Trimester

Guide: All You Need To Know About Your Second Trimester

During the second trimester, you'll slowly go back to your energetic self and your baby will be growing faster than ever!

Well done mummy, you're already on your second trimester! Time to finally say goodbye to the morning sickness and fatigue that you've endured for the past three months. Now that you're slowly getting back to your energetic self, here are some helpful week by week guides and articles that may be useful.

Week by week pregnancy guide for your second trimester:

Week 13 pregnancy guide

Week 14 pregnancy guide

Week 15 pregnancy guide

Week 16 pregnancy guide

Week 17 pregnancy guide

Week 18 pregnancy guide

Week 19 pregnancy guide

Week 20 pregnancy guide

Week 21 pregnancy guide

Week 22 pregnancy guide

Week 23 pregnancy guide

Week 24 pregnancy guide

Week 25 pregnancy guide

Week 26 pregnancy guide

Week 27 pregnancy guide

Week 28 pregnancy guide


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Mummies, how has the second trimester been for you so far? Share your thoughts with us! 

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