7 Amazing Pregnancy Perks Daddies-To-Be Can Look Forward To

7 Amazing Pregnancy Perks Daddies-To-Be Can Look Forward To

Yes dads, there are many pregnancy perks to look forward to- it's not just about the morning sickness and food cravings!

Yes, your wife is not the only one who's expecting. The two of you are working on this new addition to the family and you're in it together- and it's not just about the morning sickness and food cravings! There are so many good things of being an expecting dad that you may not know about, so consider this your ultimate list of pregnancy perks!

#1 The sex



Be a little patient and wait till her morning sickness wears off, which will most probably be in the early days of the second trimester. Also, this is before the baby starts kicking and all that!

#2 Her boobs


Pregnancy mummies have sensitive boobs but let's not deny that they look really great.

#3 Her pregnancy glow


Yes, the pregnancy glow that everyone talks about is so so true. It's because of all the extra blood from the pregnancy but yes, she looks good, doesn't she?

#4 She'll have all your midnight hunger pangs satisfied


That midnight snack craving? Or ordering McDonald's Breakfast at 4:30 am? Sure.

#5 You'll gain weight with her


Speaking of food, expect to eat a lot while she's expecting! There are more perks of this that you know. Firstly, your wife will feel less guilty that she's the only one putting on weight and secondly, yay dadbods!

#6 You'll learn about all the weird food combinations


Maggie mee + milo powder? Popiah + cheese? Bananas + mayonnaise? (Yes, that is a thing).
Everything that your wife or her cravings come up with, you'll have to get them and by nine months, you'll be an expert at all the different food combinations.

#7 Baby names

Yes, you'll sneak in really ridiculous names like footballstar101 but you have to admit that coming up with baby names is one of the most exciting things to do when expecting. But try to limit on the "creative" names, shall we?

Daddies, what other perks are you looking forward to? Share them with us!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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