Actor Raymond Lam is Now a Dad

Actor Raymond Lam is Now a Dad

"I'll use my life to protect and cherish this happiness."

Raymond Lam is now a proud father of one.

The Hong Kong actor took to Weibo on Sep 26 to announce the birth of his daughter. He also shared photos of a pregnancy shoot with wife Carina Zhang where they dressed up as characters from Chinese literary classic Journey to the West, along with another of their baby’s fist with their hands.

Actor Raymond Lam is Now a Dad

Image source: Raymond Lam / Weibo

Raymond, 40, wrote: “The first time I felt the continuation of life was the first time I held you and felt your warmth and breath. Adorable baby, you have given me the motivation to fight on.

“Dear wife, thank you for your hardship. I’m not good with words but I’ll remember how good you are. I’ll use my life to protect and cherish this happiness.”

As for Carina, she celebrated the news on Weibo too, where she posted photos of a more typical pregnancy shoot.

Actor Raymond Lam is Now a Dad

Image source: Carina Zhang / Weibo

She said: “When I first saw you, I kissed you on the forehead and embraced you. The hardship of carrying you for 10 months and the pain of labour became nothing to me.

“Dear baby, you’ve given my life new meaning. This beautiful life is made sweeter with your arrival. I will always be thinking about you and your dad.”

The couple wed sometime last year as Raymond and his manager reportedly confirmed wedding rumours in October when Raymond and Carina’s marriage application surfaced. The actor then went public with his marriage on Weibo when he called Carina his wife on New Year’s Eve.

Actor Raymond Lam is Now a Dad

Image source: Weibo Screengrab

This article was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

Lead image source from Carina Zhang / Weibo and Raymond Lam / Weibo.


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