A memorable delivery

A memorable delivery

"All my three labours were different experiences," Evonne Lee

For the first time, I was scheduled to induced the next day after my checkup. For the second time, my gynae expected me to deliver that night after my checkup. For the third time, I was caught off-guard.

That afternoon, I started having contractions. But the frequency was very irregular. It came between 10 minutes to half an hour to even an hour. There were no other signs so I wasn't sure if I'm really in labour and whether I should proceed to the hospital. Could it be a false alarm? I monitored till evening time and then called my gynae for advice on the next step. By the time he returned my call, the contractions seems to have stopped. So my gynae told me to continue to monitor. I didn't have a good sleep! As I have 2 young kids at home, I was also worried about having to rush to the hospital if the contractions starts again with the 2 kids.

Morning came! No contractions throughout the night and so I continued with the daily activities. But the contractions came again in the afternoon. My husband had to work at night and so he asked if he should take leave. I couldn't answer him as the contractions frequency was very irregular, just like the previous day. He left home at about 6.30pm and at about 6.50pm, the intensity of the pain increased together with the increased in the frequency of the contractions. I knew at that instant that it is time!

I sent an sms informing my husband that I have to get to the hospital immediately and then called my dad to come and pick me up. My dad was in the shower! Oh my gosh! I told my mum to passed the message for my dad to come quickly. I waited for 10 minutes and called my dad again. Guess what? My mum have yet to pass the message to my dad! I told my dad that I couldn't wait and he has to hurry and send me to the hospital.

He arrived 10 minutes later and at this time, the pain was already unbearable. I couldn't even walk properly. He droved fast and thank God the traffic condition was smooth. But I was screaming in the car because I can already feel the push. My then 5 years old son was beside me in the car. And I told him to talk to his brother to wait and don't come out first. It sounds comical but I was trying to assure him that I'm fine. Well, he did what I told him.

When I reached the hospital, I could no longer walk as the contractions was too frequent. The nurses even reprimanded me on why I did not go to the hospital earlier. And the best part is, we couldn't get in touch with my gynae! My husband reached the hospital shortly after I reached. It was already 7cm wide but the gynae has yet to arrived. I can remember very clearly that one of the nurses tried to calm me down by talking to me softly, teaching me to breathe slowly. I really thank her because it really calmed me down. And then, nothing is going to stop me from pushing anymore! I can no longer hold it! The nurse even tried to stop my baby from coming out because the gynae has yet to arrived. I started scolding why my gynae is not around! And at that moment, he walked in. He immediately wore his rope and gloves and in a push, my baby is out! Everything is over!

If I were to have a fourth child, I think I must be prepared to deliver at home!

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Tiffany Yip

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