Memorable Labour

Memorable Labour

Vilma shares her labour story with theAsianParent community.

May 27, I got to work at the nursery school I've been working at for 2.5 years. The night before, I  already felt that something was coming, but I still slept. At around 9pm I felt some rumbling in my womb already and I couldn't sleep.  I did not wake my hubby or my mum. I went to the living room and I slept there, but still I felt pain till 2 am.  I then woke my hubby and said "can u bring me to the hospital, I am feeling pain at 15 minute intervals."

When I reached the hospital, they told me that I will only be able to give birth in about 2 days time. They admitted me into the ward, and I still felt pain. At around 8 am the gynecologist came and interviewed all the mothers in there, including myself. I was shy at first. However I picked up my courage and told him that I will feel the pain when I talk The gynecologist told me that it is normal for all mothers to feel like that.

They checked my uterus after around 9:15. I went to the toilet soon after and while passing motion, I realized that my water bag had burst. I went straight to the nurse station and I told the nurse about the issue. The nurse then decided it was time for me to give birth. Unfortunately for me, I was all alone in there because I told my hubby to head back home and to come back at only around 10 am. At that time I could not hold on any longer and I felt like my baby was already making its way out. Though they insisted that they could only deliver the baby in an hour, I begged them to let me deliver the baby at that very point in time as I could not take it anymore. They finally agreed to help me deliver the baby. During the delivery process, my mind went blank and I could not remember the things that I had to do while in the process of delivering. I was in so much pain that I felt like giving up. I kept trying, and I remembered there were already 8 gynecologists with me at that time. Finally, after much effort, my baby was delivered.

May 28, at around 10:30 am, was the most memorable time of my life.

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