Parents, Here Are 8 Signs You're Not Done Having Kids!

Parents, Here Are 8 Signs You're Not Done Having Kids!

If you're excited about expanding your family, you're probably guilty of showing these signs!

Families can come in all shapes and sizes; some are big, some are small. In any case, one thing remains true for all families: the idea of expanding is always incredibly exciting!

Maybe you’ve been considering expanding your family as of late, or maybe this article will plant the seed in your head to consider. Either way, this is a list of telltale signs that you’re not quite done having kids and adding to your family!

Check out our list, and let us know if you’re looking to add to your family:

1. You didn’t plan on loving parenting this much

Parents, Here Are 8 Signs You're Not Done Having Kids!

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Parenting, hitherto, has been filled with its fair share of ups and downs. Nevertheless, you can’t imagine a world in which you’re apart from your kids!

Initially, the idea of kids may have seemed intimidating, but as time has passed you’ve loved it more and more each day. Maybe that’s why the idea of adding another young one seems like such a great idea!

2. You can’t pass a baby store without taking a look inside

Even if it’s just a little fit of window shopping, if you’re guilty of peeking in baby stores sans baby…there’s a good chance you’re not quite done having kids! It may not hurt to look, but it’s certainly an indication of something, parents.

3. You’ve Googled “what’s it like having (insert number) kids?”

You may have just checking to see if it gets any harder after a certain number of kids, but either way you slice the pie, if you’ve Googled this query you may be yearning for another bundle of joy.

4. You still have bags of old baby clothes that you’ve been meaning to give away

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For one reason or another, you keep making excuses to prolong the chore of giving away these old baby clothes! Maybe because somewhere deep down you think you’re ready for another baby. Goodbye donations, hello hand-me-downs!

5. You announced your youngest kid’s latest birthday with a sobbing emoji

Kids grow up so fast…and you’re finally starting to realize it! You’re youngest, who was seemingly just a baby, is growing up before your eyes and your parenting instincts just aren’t ready to see that happen. You love all of your children the same, but would it be so bad to have another baby around? If you’ve had this thought, you’re ready for another kiddo.

6. You’ve convinced yourself that pregnancy wasn’t that bad

Parents, Here Are 8 Signs You're Not Done Having Kids!

It’s easy to ruminate on the positives when you’re wearing rose-coloured glasses. Sure there were some good times during pregnancy, but for the most part, you might be forgetting the pain and problems you faced every single day! If you’re openly neglecting the struggles of pregnancy then you’re probably not done having kids–and that’s a great thing!

7. You’ve also convinced yourself that sleep deprivation isn’t that bad either

You lived through it once. How much worse could it get? Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to sleep later in life! Or maybe–just maybe–you’re just that excited about having another kid! So much so that you’d gladly deal with a constant lack of sleep.

8. You’re reading this article

Okay, you should’ve seen this coming, parents. In all seriousness, though, if you were curious enough to click on this article and read it to completion then I have some news for you: you’re not done having kids! You’re at the very least considering the concept, and we congratulate you on the exciting news!


This article was based on a post from Mom.Me

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