15 sex tips for mums

15 sex tips for mums

The following are some tips on how to go about revitalizing and maintaining a healthy sex life in spite of the challenges of motherhood...

Mums, like us we work and then take care of our kids when we get home. Usually, there is not enough time in a day to get everything done, and sometimes the last thing on their mind is sex. So how do you go about revitalising and maintaining a healthy sex life in spite of the challenges of motherhood? We put together a list of 15 sex tips for mums that you may find useful. 

1. Have confidence

A confident woman does not allow her mirror image to dictate her self-esteem. A poll taken recently clearly showed that most husbands are not as obsessed as their wives are, over the issue of how her body looks after becoming a mum. They were simply happy to have an active sexual relationship with the women they loved.

2. Treat yourself

Treating yourself to some daring and sexy lingerie will not only create a new and exciting you, but will also pleasantly surprise your partner. Looking at yourself in a whole new sexy light will also bring out raw animal magnetism. 

3. Create a sexy ambience

sex tips for mums

Make an effort to create an enticing setting. Some light music, soft lights and perfume should do the trick for both of you. Setting the mood is something that should not be under estimated, as the rewards can be mind blowing.

4. Try a strip tease

Hit the off button on the TV and do a strip tease show instead. If you find it too awkward to do a strip tease, down a glass of wine to ease your nerves. Once you are in the role, you might find it quite a turn on for you yourself!

5. Aphrodisiacs

sex tips for mums

Certain foods heighten the sexual senses, and with a little research, you should be able to identify some that is acceptable to your palate. Salmon and oysters are highly noted as sexual powerhouses.

6. Sexting

Sexting suggestive and sexy messages will keep you both caught up is sexual anticipation. This heightened sexual anticipation can sometimes be a good substitute for foreplay.

7. Be naughty

Being “naughty” is also another big turn on. Being a mum sometimes makes a woman forget that she was once an exciting sexual person, therefore whispering cheeky sexual intentions to you man, will help rejuvenate the naughty, playful side again.

8. Take a bath together

sex tips for mums

Taking a bath or a shower together is another way to bring back sexy feelings for each other. There is nothing more sexual than lathering each other.

9. Feathers to spice up the bedroom action

Keep a couple of feathers handy to spice up the bedroom action. The tantalising sensation of a feather gently flicking the skin will give you both sexy shivers.

10. Massage each other

Massaging each other and adding a few spicy moves that show you pleasuring yourself at the same time, would not only turn you on but also make your man crazy for you.

11. Get out of the bedroom

The bedroom should not be the only place for sex. Spicing it up by having sex in different rooms in the house can heighten the sexual senses.

12. Relax

Don’t be nervous. Take all the time you need to relax with your partner. Feel and bask in the closeness..Remember you’re not in bed with a stranger but your wife/husband.

13. Be different

sex tips for mums

Don't be predictable and go straight for the kill. Tease your spouse and slowly lead to making love. Feel free to mix it up as well. If you usually do it soft and slow—then switch it up a little and get rough. If you have it raw all the time then turn it down a notch.

14. Awaken each other's senses

Foreplay is extremely important for most—take time exploring and venturing deep into this area. It’s not “Wham Bam—thank you maam.” Wine and dine your man, loosen up his nerves so he can focus on the whole experience - he is probably just as nervous as you!

15. The alphabet does not end at “O”

Don’t roll over and snore—that’s the biggest turn off. Make use of the sizzle; don’t let it fizzle out too fast. Look into her eyes, take a shower together or simply canoodle.

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