7 things your man is doing all wrong during sexy time

7 things your man is doing all wrong during sexy time

Here are some things that you are doing wrong in bed, hubbies. Read this article to see what they are.

Somehow, we all know at least that one man who thinks that he is nothing less than awesome and superior in bed, and even hinting otherwise would deflate his ego. But guys, if you truly want to make sure that you are doing the right things for your lady, then read on to see if you happen to be making these mistakes... Here are 7 things men are doing wrong in bed

#1 Forgoing foreplay

Sometimes, passionate quickie sessions can be hot and thrilling. But let's not always do the wham, bam, thank you ma'am. When there is time, women love foreplay. We may even find it more than the intercourse itself!

Explore and worship our body and its different parts. It also gets us more turned on and prepared for you to enter us — intercourse when we have not been lubricated enough hurts like going down a Slip'N Slide without water. 

#2 Trying to recreate porn

things men are doing wrong in bed

We get it, porn excites you. But we are not the porn stars you see who can pull off impressive acrobatic stunts. As much as we love your boner, we love our bones too, and we would very much like to keep them intact so please refrain from trying to bend us backwards.

If you want to try out things like roleplaying, ask your missus if she would feel comfortable with it. If she is not, it might end up awkward instead of sexy. 

#3 Thrusting too fast

Practice some self-restraint and try not to go at us like a jackhammer. It feels awful for us. When people say "less is more", sometimes speed is one of the things. Keep to a comfortable, enjoyable pace. 

#4 Forget all about the clitoris

Hi men, meet clitoris! It would be nice for you to be well acquainted with our dear friend.

No, but really, going at us like a drill often results in you paying no attention to our clitoris. It's one of the erogenous zones too — and sometimes the most powerful one at that. A lot of women cannot orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone so remember that clit stimulation is important too.

On the other hand, attacking and flicking too rapidly with aggressive, direct pressure can hurt, so be gentle. 

#5 Pushing and holding our head down

We know you love oral. But no matter how turned on you are, never push our head down to your groin and hold it there — we know where it is. We should also be the one setting the pace lest you want us to gag on your penis, which, who knows, could result in a painful ending.

If you want her to take you in deeper, or go faster, then just encouragingly tell her so. 

#6 Refusing to go down on us

things men are doing wrong in bed

Despite being aggressively excited for us to give you head, some men refuse to go down on the lady. Oral is highly pleasurable to you, and it is to us too.

Which brings us to the final point... 

#7 Not reciprocating

Sex is a journey, not a destination. Neither is it a race.

Some men can be too focused on the end game — reaching orgasm. And when that has been accomplished, not all of them are keen to return the favour. Men, this is just unfair. We worked hard to pleasure you and we deserve the satisfaction too.


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Jasmine Yeo

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