20 Things A Man Should Be Doing For His Wife. Every. Single. Day.

20 Things A Man Should Be Doing For His Wife. Every. Single. Day.

Men, you might wanna take some notes!

Men, memorise this list and it will take you a long way. We promise!

#1 Show her you love her

#2 Pick up after yourself

#3 Make the bed

#4 Pay attention

#5 Give it to her on the regular (yes, we’re talking about sex)

#6 Clean out her car for her

#7 Lock up the house at night so she doesn’t have to do it

#8 Pick up toys with the kids without being asked

#9 Tuck your kids into bed (even if she does it too)  

#10 Bring her a cup of her favourite beverage in the morning

#11 Stroke her hair when you speak to her

#12 Notice when she has her arms full and goes, “Honey, let me get this for you.”

#13 Be quiet when getting ready so she can get her beauty sleep

#14 Bring her Brand’s Essence of Chicken when she’s feeling under the weather. Better yet, take the day off  to let her sleep, while you take care of her and the kids

#15 Charge her handphone for her at night, in case she forgets

#16 Tell her she’s a good mum. Be specific about something she did that makes you think so

#17 Don't ask about what needs to be done. Just do it

#18 Have an engaging conversation each day

#19 Call her in the middle of the day just to tell her you to love her and miss her

#20 And if ever in doubt… just give her diamonds LOL!

What else would you ladies add on to the list? Share with us below!


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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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