ZESPRI Recipe - Baked Chicken with Zespri Kiwifruit in Stuffed Peppers

ZESPRI Recipe - Baked Chicken with Zespri Kiwifruit in Stuffed Peppers

A delectable burst of flavors for the palette! A must try for meat lovers with a healthy twist! Thank you Edmund for sharing this recipe with us.

Who doesn't like baked chicken? Always a family favourite, this baked chicken recipe has a delicious and nutritious twist. It incorporates Zespri kiwifruit stuffed in peppers! Try it out tonight. 

Baked chicken recipe using Zespri kiwi fruit


250g Minced Chicken

1 Zespri Gold Kiwifruit

1 Zespri Green Kiwifruit

1 Brown Onion

2 tblsp Olive Oil

1 tblsp Soy Sauce

2 Large Red Bell Pepper

2 Large Yellow Bell Pepper



1. Coarsely chop the Zespri Gold Kiwifruit & Zespri Green Kiwifruit and the Brown Onion into small cubes

2. Mix the chopped Kiwifruits & Brown Onion and Soy Sauce into the Minced Chicken. Leave to marinate for 10 min

3. Preheat oven at 160C

4. Cut off the tops of the Bell Peppers

5. Heat the Olive Oil in a saucepan

6. Lightly fry the minced chicken mix for 1 min to brown it.

7. Spoon the mixture to fill each of the Bell Peppers. It should fill up to 7/8 of the peppers.

8. Stand the Bell Peppers in a baking tray. Cover the Peppers with their tops

9. Put in the oven to bake for 30-45 min

10. Cut the Peppers into half (top-down) and serve

For more exciting kiwi recipes, check out ZESPRI’s website at http://www.zespri.com.sg/en/kiwifruit/!


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Written by

Sandra Ong

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