Your child’s brain development: The early years matter!

Your child’s brain development: The early years matter!

Ever wondered how kids think, react and make sense of the world around them? Keep reading to learn how your tot’s brain develops in the early years…

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Your child’s brain development during the early years: Give her the goodness of Dutch Lady ActivGold growing-up milk!

At birth, some of your baby’s brain cells are already connected to the other cells in the body. These connections help regulate your little darling’s heartbeat and breathing, control reflexes and keep other body functions going.

What’s missing at this stage is the need for your little one to gain some ‘early experiences’ as she explores her surroundings. Just like how a tree uses its branches to reach out for as much light as possible so it can make food through photosynthesis, your baby’s brain connections absorb experiences, which keeps it growing – and ultimately shape the way she thinks, feels and reacts to the people and situations around her.

How your child’s brain grows

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Dutch Lady ActivGold growing-up milk helps to keep your child’s brain development on track.

During the first few years of your child’s life, her brain works extra hard to grow as she soaks up everything around her. She learns (and remembers) how things work in the world through the 5 powerful senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

One obvious example is how your baby learns to recognise you in the early days after birth; she feels secure being in your arms, which she recognises both from the way you cuddle her and from the familiar, comforting scent of your skin (smell). As the weeks go by, she learns to respond to the voices of both mum and dad (sound), and lets out a chuckle when you tickle her feet (touch) or wave a brightly coloured toy in front of her (sight). But above all, she will quickly learn that the familiar taste of milk does wonders in easing hunger pangs.

All that your little one experiences through her 5 senses will become the building blocks of the brain. These early experiences, together with the right amount of nutrition and stimulation will help to build the connections that encourage brain development.

‘Brain food’ for healthy minds

brain development, dutch lady activgold

For healthy brain development, it is important to ensure that your child eats right. Here are some must-have brain foods…

While you would surely do your best to stimulate your child’s brain by playing with her and giving her room to explore her surroundings, it is important to make sure that she eats right too.

Foods that contain antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) have been hailed as the must-have ‘brain foods’ that help your child’s brain blossom. What’s more, an increasing number of formula milk manufacturers have also recognised the importance of DHA for brain development in young children.

One great example is the Dutch Lady ActivGold™ growing up milk. Specially formulated for kids aged 1 year and up, Dutch Lady ActivGold™ contains 50% more DHA* to support your child’s brain development1. It also comes with important nutrients such as choline, taurine, iron and zinc to help meet the nutritional needs of your growing child.

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Give your growing tot 2 cups of Dutch Lady ActivGold each day for healthy brain development.

With handy products like the Dutch Lady ActivGold™ growing up milk, it is so easy to ensure that your kiddos are getting the daily recommended intake of DHA. All you need to do is to supplement their daily diet with 2 servings of Dutch Lady ActivGold™ growing-up milk3.

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* In comparison with previous Dutch Lady formula milk based on per 100g.

1. For childred up to 3 years old

3. Helps to meet the European Food Safety Authority recommendation for children – 100mg DHA/day with child’s daily diet.

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