12-year-old leukemia patient in Singapore shone in maths, even on her deathbed

12-year-old leukemia patient in Singapore shone in maths, even on her deathbed

This young lady's courage, strength and determination is just incredible. Read Cherrii Lim's story here.


If you could take a peek into the mind of an average 12-year-old girl, you'd probably see a jumble of typical tween passions: music, fashion and most probably boys.

We know of one outstanding exception -- a very brave young lady named Cherrii Lim.

Cherrii was, according to reports, diagnosed with acute leukemia back in February this year. This exceptional girl, while fighting her illness on a daily basis, never lost sight of her studies.

She had always reportedly done well in Maths and Science, a passion which was reflected in her entering the top three in the cohort last year. Maths was her favourite subject.

Reports quote Cherrii's father as saying that "practising maths questions was one of Cherrii's greatest motivations while fighting cancer."

She wanted to be a doctor -- an ambition that will now never be realised because this incredible young lady passed away on the 18th of last month (September).


Always inspiring, never forgotten

The Punggol Primary School student's life turned upside down after her diagnosis. She was confined to a hospital room for treatment and obviously couldn't go to school.

But nothing fazed this young trooper and she insisted on finishing her daily online Maths assignments -- designed by her school and in collaboration with education centre KooBits.

This young lady's hard work, focus and passion for maths even earned her the title of KooBits' "Math Champion" among 8000 other primary 6 students. The founder of KooBits Stanley Han presented Cherrii with the Top Brain of Singapore award, at the Children's ICU at KK Women's and Children's Hospital.  

Reportedly, even on the day she died, Cherrii insisted on doing her Maths question despite having very low energy levels and breathing difficulties. She took her last breath seven hours later at at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Cherrii's story caught the eye of the Workers' Party's Yee Jenn Jong, who shared the below Facebook post:


Cherrii may no longer be with us, but she leaves behind an incredible testament to the power of human strength, courage and determination, regardless of age. Parents reading this article -- do tell Cherrii's story to your own children.

We at theAsianparent share our heartfelt condolences with Cherrii's family. Rest in peace, sweetheart.

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Do share your messages of condolence for Cherrii's family in a comment below. 

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