Win an Award Winning Spa Party worth S$599 by AUUM - The Honest Nail Spa!

Win an Award Winning Spa Party worth S$599 by AUUM - The Honest Nail Spa!

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   logoFrom manicures, pedicures to pampering, guests enjoy full mini spa treatments at individual spa stations or a group set up.  Spa parties are a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion, whether it’s for a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding shower, a girls’ night out, a holiday party, a sweet sixteen celebration, or a bachelorette party. Enjoy spa treatments right at your doorstep as AUUM - The Honest Nail Spa will come straight to you, no fuss about it!IMG_4096

Hip and holistic, AUUM caters to your nail needs without too much fuss. They believe in making your nails as beautiful as they can with as little harm as possible. Understanding the danger of modern nail care, AUUM is a unique nail services that provides nail services which are personalized and safe even for children and expecting mothers. We have not forgotten the fashionista either, as their services include rejuvenating foot scrubs and massages.

IMG_4090Enjoy a blissful relaxing day and allow yourself to be rejuvenated!
AUUM - The Honest Nail Spa uses only the finest quality organic ingredients in their soaks and oils and as a bonus they also make their own scrubs in house! They offer the most luxuriant, nourishing, non-toxic nail polish available - safe for your nails, with a delightful variety of shades and colors to match your every whimsical whim.
IMG_4075 (1)How safe is safe?
For each service, AUUM-The Honest Nail Spa disinfects all stainless steel tools, and use only brand-new files, sticks, and buffers (which you are free to keep after your service), as well as new disposable liners for each pedicure. Their Essential Manicures/Pedicure are waterless, performed with aloe vera wipe and custom-created oils. They strive to ensure an environment in which only the aromas arise. How tantalising for our senses!

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