Win a Revitalift Facial worth $130 for 10 lucky viewers with Spa Elements on ParentTown

Win a Revitalift Facial worth $130 for 10 lucky viewers with Spa Elements on ParentTown

A quick pick-me-up for skin that needs refreshing! Relax yourself today...

Revitalize your face with Spa Elements’ Revitalift Facial - do you know that collagen helps to reduce signs of skin aging? Grab this triple action collagen infusion therapy that firms, tones and hydrates skin from within.

Spa Elements offers quality treatments to heal the body, mind and soul. Their wellness services include massages and body treatments, slimming, skin care, and chiropractic. Their philosophy is simple; to provide only services and products that offer our clients the most health benefits. They are constantly developing treatments using the latest know how and technology, yet anchored on traditional wisdom. That is why you see treatments ranging from facials using the latest equipment for anti aging, to traditional Chinese medicine inspired massages and slimming techniques. The objective is always to provide what works. We specialise in all areas of skincare and wellness and offer only the best quality products and services to our clients.


Spa Elements believe that when you feel good on the inside, you should also look good on the outside. They have developed skin care and body treatments, that enhance the image of their clients. They stand by their believe that beauty is not just skin deep. They believe in developing an inner sense of well being that exudes itself as beautiful expressions and vibrant personalities.

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