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Dazzling Naturals specialises in home spa products and has recently introduced its array of natural body care, fragrant herbal teas and unique accessories that provide a pleasurable spa experience. I took a trip down to learn more about their outlet in Raffles City Shopping Mall.

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In an ideal world, one gets to enjoy rest and relaxation 365 days a year, 30 days a month and seven days a week. The fast-paced city life however, makes it hard for us to take time off to unwind. It is indeed tough to spare even a few hours a day to indulge in some ‘me’ time.

If the above strikes a raw nerve with you, it is about time you start pampering yourself with some TLC!

A Home Spa Experience…

New kid on the block, Dazzling Naturals specialises in home spa products and has recently introduced its array of natural body care, fragrant herbal teas and unique accessories that provide a pleasurable and complete spa experience – all of which can be enjoyed without leaving your home!

I took a trip down to their outlet in Raffles City Shopping Centre to meet Carlyn Lam, 39, Retail Director and the brain behind the innovative spa range, and learn more about her products.

I was curious to find out why Carlyn decided to focus on home spa products when regular spas are all the rage right now.

“I believe that proper relaxation and de-stressing sessions are crucial for one’s well-being but sadly, not many of us can afford to visit spas frequently,” Carlyn explains. “Our aim is to let everybody enjoy a relaxing and holistic spa experience in the comfort of their own homes.”

The Spa Body Care Range…

Enjoy a home based spa treatment

Carlyn seems very passionate about her career. Customers who walk into the outlet are almost immediately attended to by Carlyn herself. How does Carlyn who has an 11-year-old son manage both the stresses of family life AND her business?

“My husband, Chong Han Tsong, is very supportive and helps me out with my business when it comes to logistics issues and advertising campaigns,” shares Carlyn. “No matter how hectic our schedules, we will still allocate some ‘family time’ every week.”

Carlyn and her family enjoy watching movies, swimming and clay pigeon shooting. At home, her husband shares her workload by helping their son out with his schoolwork.

Her family’s unwavering support has given Carlyn the strength to not only introduce body care products and herbal teas, but also a set of accessories like the Herbal Compress and Eye Pillow to enhance your spa sensation at home.

The Herbal Compress…

The Herbal Compress quite impressed me. It contains lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime and other therapeutic herbs. Simply steam it using a ceramic burner or your microwave oven for 10 to 15 minutes, and it is ready to be pressed onto tensed areas of your body. Doing so will help improve blood circulation and relieve tension especially for ladies who suffer from menstruation cramps.

I pressed it onto my arms for a few minutes and felt relaxed- quite ready to lull into a deep slumber! I would recommend this to couples that want to pamper each other and spend some quality time together. Surely, a nice warm body-press after work will be much appreciated!

That day, I left Dazzling Naturals feeling relaxed (the store is fragranced with Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils) and in awe of Carlyn’s multi-tasking abilities.

Do take a trip down to her outlet to chat with her or her beauty consultants and you might find a product that suits your hectic lifestyle (and your other half’s too)!


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