4 Special Situations Your Wife Really Needs You To Listen To Her

4 Special Situations Your Wife Really Needs You To Listen To Her

Dads and hubbies, listen up! Here are four times your beloved wife desperately needs you to pay close attention and truly listen to what she's trying to say

With all that goes on in our daily lives, it’s often difficult to give someone our full attention. But in relationships, developing a listening ear and striving to focus on your partner is just as important as establishing a good communication with them. In fact, Dr. Vikki Stark of Psychology Today cautions couples that relationships can go from healthy to rocky just because wives no longer feel an attachment to their husbands over time.

So, it’s important not to take this for granted and make the most of times during the day when your wife needs your attention the most. Here are some instances, you should make more of an effort of listening to your wife, according to Family Share.

Your wife needs you to listen…

1. When she’s been alone all day with your kids

If your wife is a stay-at-home mom, chances are she’s only able to have adult interaction at the end of the day. Even if you’re tired from work, engage in a conversation, ask her how her day went. This also applies to hubbies with wives who work at an office. When they come home, they’ll surely crave a heartfelt conversation with you. It doesn’t have to take hours, just a few minutes of your undivided attention can be just as meaningful.

2. When she’s unusually quiet and has to force a smile

Married couples, especially those who’ve been together for a long time, tend to know when their partner is upset. Reach out to her by hugging her and encouraging her to open up. If she’s not ready yet, be patient. Just consistently make her feel you’re there to listen, so she’ll know that you’ll be there once she’s prepared to have a conversation.

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3. When she’s had a great day

Your wife needs your attention when she’s in a good mood just as much as she wants to open up when she’s upset. Ask her about her day and allow her to gush, marvel, or be giddy about great news! Celebrate with her and let her relish the moment by letting her freely talk to you and laugh along with her.

4. When you’re about to sleep

Just before you sleep, offer a listening ear. You may not have had a chance to talk at dinner or when you got home, but you can make up for this by engaging in “pillow talk” before bed. Open up about your day or your plans for the week. Consult each other about important decisions. Or just simply talk about an interesting book or movie you’re currently enjoying.


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