What do Singaporean Dads want this Father's day? Let's find out!

What do Singaporean Dads want this Father's day? Let's find out!

You may be surprised with the answer! Or would you be?

Father's day is around the corner. Most of you may have made plans already, but for those who have not, here is what Singaporean dads really want this Father's day. 

Homeaway®, the world leader in vacation rentals, recently commissioned a survey to find out what dads in this region wished to receive for Father’s Day (as well as what they usually received). Over 900 participants, both mums and dads were interviewed from 5 countries. The results are out!

1# Father's day is not as popular as it should be...

Many dads feel that they end up putting more efforts towards Mother's day than what they see when it comes to 'their own' day. In fact, 50% of the dads interviewed confessed that they have not received any gift the last Father's day. 

2# Dads want gifts, but they do not show it!

Most of the dads want one particular thing for this Father's day. And it will just surprise you. Let's just keep the suspense alive, and I will reveal it soon enough. But when it comes to material gifts, dads would also like to receive tech gadgets this Father's day. 

3# Dinner is the most popular activity that they end up doing

About 2 in 5 mums responded that they would take the dads out for dinner. And, rightfully so, as dinner is the second most favoured activity that dads want on this Sunday!

4# What dads really want

Nearly 80% of the fathers revealed that what they really yearned was to travel with the family. It would give them time to bond with the wife and kids and would help them get away from the stress of work. However, they are not often able to take the desired vacation. 

Most of the dads would not get time off work. If they do, affordability is a major hindrance. 

So, what should you do, mums?

Dads end up doing a lot too, mums. And just because they do not say it aloud does not mean that they don't want to be pampered! Here are 3 things that you can do to make the Father's day special. 

1# Plan a relaxed vacation to suit your budget

You can go global or just stay locally. The beauty of Singapore is that you can hop on a flight and you would be in an exotic location in less than 2 hours! And all this without spending a bomb! Or, you could just drive and explore Malaysia. Port Dickson is a good start!

Check out the HomeAway® website. The deals would surprise you!

But, if you can't, just plan the day for the two of you. Send the kids to your parents for the weekend. They will understand. Re-live the time when you had just met. Was it not exciting? Here is a list of activities that the two of you can do near your home. 

2# Plan for the mood

What do Singaporean Dads want this Father's day? Let's find out!

What does your husband like to do? Does he like to relax by the pool or is he the adventure kind of a guy? Plan something that he wold never forget. Book a couples massage in advance followed by a romantic dinner. Follow it up with a movie back in your room. And, go with the flow!

3# Pamper him

Well, if he is not feeling pampered already, you can just give him some undivided attention. Put the phone aside and have a real conversation with him. You will be surprised how good it feels to be gadget-free on a vacation! Take him out for a dinner. Call ahead and request for a quiet spot in the restaurant. Pre-order food that you both like. The thoughtful gesture would not be lost on him!

And, if you really want to gift him something material, stay away from the cliched mugs, ties, stationery. Instead, you could gift him items for personal grooming, some nice cologne, or a vintage wine. If he has been talking about a tech gadget, you can get it for him. However, it is a risky proposition to 'surprise' someone with a gadget. It might not be the one that they really want. In that case, you can shop for it together!

Mums, dads know how much you appreciate them. Now is the perfect opportunity to show just how much!

Also, read Food and fun: your guide to pampering dad for Father’s Day 2017 if you have not already read it. 

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Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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