Hong Kong: The outdoor kids’ paradise you never knew existed

Hong Kong: The outdoor kids’ paradise you never knew existed

Hiking trails, organic farms and glamping – did you know it’s all in Hong Kong? Yes, you’ve got that right, whole world of outdoor activities exists just beyond the ultra-modern skyscape and the vibrant city life.

The New Year has just dawned and we’re sure there are a bunch of resolutions that you’ve made as a family. It could be spending more quality time with each other, having more adventures together or simply spending holidays together. We’re helping you kickstart those resolutions. A surprising new side to a familiar place could provide the answer. Yes, there are unique experiences in Hong Kong that are just waiting to be discovered.

Hong Kong is merely a few hours away and a territory often associated with the hustle and bustle of city life, its iconic skyline, shopping and an unrivalled nightlife. But there is an unexplored side of Hong Kong, one that is made of natural parks and outdoor adventures. Here’s a lesser known fact: 40% of Hong Kong's territory is designated as country parks, representing one of the highest proportions in the world.1 A 20-minute drive from just about anywhere in the city will take you to idyllic beaches and hiking trails through lush green mountains.

unique experiences in Hong Kong

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Unique Experiences in Hong Kong for the Family

1. Hiking Trails

unique experiences in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its many picturesque hiking trails. Ranging from trails for experienced hikers like Castle Peak to kid-friendly ones like the Peak Circle, there’s an adventure for all age groups and levels of experience.

One of our absolute favourite unique experiences in Hong Kong is the Dragon’s Back hike which is a middle ground for all levels of hikers. It promises stunning views of Shek O, Tai Long Wan, Stanley, Tai Tam and even the sparkling South China Sea. Kids will be entertained by the little streams along the hiking trail and will enjoy the hike which will require some scrambling in some areas. The entire hike will take approximately two to three hours.

For more hiking options in Hong Kong visit https://bit.ly/2RUJuRK

2. Strawberry Picking at Organic Farms

unique experiences in Hong Kong

Farmers are the unsung heroes of today’s generation, and it is about time we educate our kids about where their food comes from. A trip to an organic farm is the best way to educate your kids about farming. And here, they can appreciate the sacrifices of our hardworking farmers. Hong Kong is home to 129 certified organic farms.2  Some of our favourites include Kam Tin Country Park & Rainbow Organic Park. Besides strawberry picking, children can also enjoy other activities such as horse riding and animal feeding.

For a list of other farms to visit, see https://bit.ly/2zS8i5O

3. Be One with Nature at Eco Parks

unique experiences in Hong Kong

Have your kids been stuck to their tablets all day? Teach your kids about how fun being outdoors can be by taking them to an Eco Park. Tai Tong Organic Eco Park (formerly known as Lychee Valley) is a crowd favourite as they offer tons of activities that both parents and children will enjoy. Choose from different activities such as horse riding, animal feeding, bullock cart rides, grape picking and so much more. Your children will have a newfound connection with the outdoors after a day in the eco park.

Read more about Tai Tong Organic Eco Park on their official website, https://bit.ly/2QFdLav

4. Discover Wildlife at Hong Kong Wetland Park

unique experiences in Hong Kong

If you love nature and birds and want to teach your kids to love the same, take them to Hong Kong Wetland Park. Spanning across 61 hectares of land, The Hong Kong Wetland Park is a an educational outing for the entire family. A themed exhibition gallery, theatre, 3D cinema, trick art museums and the Swamp Adventure indoor play area are just some of the features of this park that your wild ones will enjoy.

unique experiences in Hong Kong

Your kids can also discover butterflies, dragonflies, exotic birds and the famous Pui Pui crocodile by getting up close and personal with them. After a visit to the conservatory, you will definitely take home memories with your family that you will treasure.

5. Glamping Under the Stars

unique experiences in Hong Kong

Remember back then when we used to go camping? We’d build our own tents, roast marshmallows and walk through fields to use the loo? Thankfully, there’s an upgraded version to camping now – glamping.

With glamping,  your whole family can experience all the joys of camping without sacrificing on comfortable beds and decent bathroom facilities.

Sai Yuen Farm in Hong Kong is a unique place to go camping. And there, you also get to do a bunch of activities such as barbecuing, archery and of course GLAMPING itself.

Choose from different types of accommodations such as The African Safari Tent, Native American Tepee or the Star Gazing Geodesic Dome. Regardless what you chose the kids will surely love this experience.

unique experiences in Hong Kong

For more information on Sai Yuen Farm, visit their official website at https://bit.ly/2QDp5nI

So remember the New Year’s resolution you were planning? Hong Kong is an ideal place to kickstart that family adventure holiday resolution. We’d recommend a trip between January to April as the weather is usually pleasant ranging from 14-20°C.

Close proximity, great connectivity, ideal weather and a rich outdoor experience bursting with adventure – How can you go wrong with Hong Kong?

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Lead image photo credit: Karma Lo


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