Prince William shares what his son Prince George wants for Christmas!

Prince William shares what his son Prince George wants for Christmas!

Prince William met with Santa Claus during his trip to Finland and gave him a handwritten note that containing Prince George's request from Santa.

Prince George might be a member of the British Royal Family, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not like any other 4-year-old!

Just like any other kid, little Prince George is very excited to receive gifts from Santa Claus. That’s why during Prince William’s 2-day trip to Finland, he met up with Santa Claus and showed him a note containing what Prince George wants for Christmas. 

The one thing that Prince George wants for Christmas from Santa

During an encounter at a Christmas market in Helsinki, Finland, Prince George’s father, Prince William, went up to Santa Claus, and pulled out a letter from his pocket which contained the little prince’s request.

As he handed the letter to Santa, Prince William said “I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter.” He adds, “He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably ok.”

Here’s a photo of the note containing what Prince George wants for Christmas:

what prince george wants

Here’s little Prince George’s handwritten note to Santa. Source:

Santa looked closely at the handwritten note which said, “Dear Father Christmas, this year I have been naughty/nice.”

The word “nice” was encircled and written on the note was the gift Prince George wanted, which was a Police car.

Prince George’s dad William even pointed to word “nice” and told Santa “But he’s been a nice boy, a nice boy.” Santa Claus, who has traditionally been from Finland, nodded in agreement with Prince George.

What do parents need to tell their children about Santa?

Just like Prince George’s excitement over receiving a gift from Santa, kids all over the world are also expecting a gift from jolly old St. Nick!

However, some parents believe that teaching their kids about Santa Claus is wrong, while other parents think that it’s good to encourage a child’s imagination.

These differing points of view can cause conflict with some parents since they’re unsure whether or not they should let their children believe in the myth of Santa.

Believing in Santa isn’t necessarily a bad thing for kids as it helps encourage their creativity and imagination which are both important for a child’s young mind. However, the problem lies in the fact that as your child grows older, they’ll eventually have to come to grips with the fact that Santa isn’t real.

This can also be problematic since children might start to distrust their parents once they learn that their mums and dads have been lying to them all these years about Santa.

Here are some things that parents can do:

  1. Children can still play ‘pretend‘ and still have Santa become a part of Christmas. 
  2. Teach them that the spirit of Christmas lies in loving, sharing, and being giving to other people.
  3. Be honest with your child about Santa Claus and let them know the truth early on.
  4. Teach them the story of the real Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, and share the story of how he dedicated his life to generosity and sharing his wealth with other people.
  5. You can let your kids play the role of Santa by letting them give gifts to less fortunate children.

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