His Royal Cuteness Prince George is bringing back a retro trend!

His Royal Cuteness Prince George is bringing back a retro trend!

Get smocking, mummies!

Royal cutie Prince George’s beautiful mum, Princess Kate is a style queen without a doubt, as was his late grandmother Princess Diana.

Now, it looks like this little man is setting a style trend all by himself — and it dates centuries back in history.

Mums, listen up: smocking is back in style, thanks to the young prince!

What is smocking?

Smocking is an embroidery technique originally developed in England. It is used the create small gathers in fabric so it can stretch.

It was most recently popular as a trend in the 80s, when smocked dresses and shirts were sported by kids.

prince george smocking trend

Young Prince George dressed in a cute smocked outfit at the Cambridge Royal Tour-Day 8, Sydney, Australia, on April 16, 2014.
Images from Pinterest

Back in the spotlight!

Little Prince George has recently been spotted in darling smocked shirts, definitely bringing the trend back. Princess Kate’s favourite kids’ wear designer Rachel Riley tells PEOPLE:

“We’ve seen Prince George wear smocking on quite a few occasions – and it’s very traditional. Prince George is the most influential toddler in the world. If he’s wearing smocking, then suddenly it’s okay to wear smocking. And if he looks as gorgeous as he does, it’s definitely going to set the trend.”

She adds, “sometimes the simplest things are the best. Prince George’s pieces are very classic. He wears very simple, child-appropriate clothing for his age.”

It’s not just Princess Kate who thinks smocked outfits on babies rock. Princess Diana even dressed Prince William quite often in similar clothes.

But this latest royal trend actually dates back even further than William. Riley explains that even Princess Anne, back in the ’50s, wore smocked dresses.

Mums, we did a little searching of our own and found a shop that does smocking in Singapore, called Mommy’s Lill Sweetheart. You can check out their Facebook page here.

And if you are a crafty mum and would like to try out smocking an outfit on your own, check out this handy tutorial below:

Tell us: would you dress your little ones in smocked clothes? Drop a comment below!

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