GE2020: What Do I Need to Bring on Polling Day?

GE2020: What Do I Need to Bring on Polling Day?

We also share what you SHOULD NOT bring to a polling station.

There’s no question too dumb, too outrageous, or too insignificant, at least not in our books.

Voting is a big responsibility, after all. And especially if you are doing it for the first time, it’s not surprising to have many questions. 

Which is why we’ve done up our own in-depth FAQ we hope would cover all your queries that you may have when casting your vote for Singapore.

In this edition of the FAQ, we delve into what you need to bring on polling day when you head to your assigned polling station:

1. What do I need to bring on polling day?

You will need to bring your poll card and proof of identification to enter a polling station.

This can be your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or identity cards issued by the Ministry of Defence, Singapore Police Force or Singapore Civil Defence Force for uniformed personnel.

2. I usually carry a photocopy of my IC only as my parents are scared that I’ll lose my real IC? Can I use this?

Sorry, no photocopies allowed. Your birth certificate can’t be used either, as it does not have your photograph for identification purposes.

3. Can I use another form of photo identification like my passport, Ez-link card or driver’s license with my face on it?

Good news, you can use your passport instead. However, neither your EZ-link card nor your driver’s license are permitted.

Identity cards issued by the uniformed groups such as MINDEF, SAF and SCDF, are also allowed.   

4. I look very different now compared to my IC photo. Will it be an issue?

If you look really different from your IC photo, perhaps to the point of not resembling it, it’s advised that you bring along your passport with a more recent photo of yourself for verification purposes. 

5. Can I have my phone with me when I vote?

You are allowed to carry your phone with you when you vote, but do refrain from using it in the polling station.

However, you are not allowed to take photographs or videos in the voting area. So for those hoping to take a selfie with your voting slip for the gram, unfortunately, you won’t be able to. Besides, your vote is supposed to be a secret too. 

6. Is there anything I’m strictly not allowed to bring?

Here is a list of things you should not bring to a polling station:

  • Cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Alcohol
  • Sharp Objects
  • Campaign Material
  • Large Bags
  • Animals/Pets (except guide dogs)

You might want to travel light anyway as any bag you carry may be subjected to security checks before you enter the polling station.

GE2020: What Do I Need to Bring on Polling Day?

Cameras are not allowed at the polling station. | Photo: iStock

7. Do I need to bring my own pen and does it matter what colour it is?

The ELD has introduced self-inking pens for this year’s election. Instead of using a ballpoint pen, like in past elections, voters can use the self-inking pen provided at polling booths to mark their choice. This is to reduce the incidences of unclear markings on ballot papers.

However, if you prefer you can bring and use your own pen to indicate the candidate you’ll like to vote for and your vote will still be considered valid. 

The pen can also be of any colour ink, as long as your voting choice is clear.

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This article was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission. 


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GE2020: What Do I Need to Bring on Polling Day?

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