Can You Make Healthy Yoghurt With Vaginal Bacteria? This Woman Thinks So

Can You Make Healthy Yoghurt With Vaginal Bacteria? This Woman Thinks So

Yes, yoghurt can be good for your vagina. But this woman believes the vagina can also play a role in making good yoghurt.

Yes, you read that right, mums. You can make yoghurt using vaginal fluid as an ingredient. As far as weird breakfast ideas go, this one truly takes the cake (or yoghurt)!

But WHY would anyone want to do this in the first place? Let’s find out!

The vaginal yoghurt experiment is one of the weirdest breakfast ideas ever

Bacteria from a healthy vagina contains lactobacillus, which can reduce cholesterol, boost immunity, and improve digestive health. This same “good bacteria” is found in yoghurt. Knowing this, an unconventional MD/PhD student from Madison, Wisconsin Cecilia Westbrook, decided to come up with an experiment.

A friend of Westbrook’s, Janet Jay, told the Huffington Post that it started out just as a “cool weird little experiment for us all to giggle at.”

If you have ever tried making your own yoghurt at home, then you’ll know that its ingredients include a yogurt starter culture and milk. These are then mixed and cooked. 

weird breakfast ideas

One of the weirdest breakfast ideas we’ve come across is Westbrook’s vaginal yoghurt experiment. But she claims it goes well with blueberries! | Image source: Pixabay

For her experiment, Westbrook whipped up three batches. The first batch was made with only a yoghurt starter culture. The second one was whipped up using plain milk.

The last batch was a mixture of milk and Westbrook’s own vaginal fluid (that she extracted using a wooden spoon, in case you were wondering.)

After leaving the three bowls overnight, she found that the last batch had produced a good amount of yoghurt.

And yes, she did taste-test. Westbrook reports that the third bowl of “yoni-ghurt” didn’t taste bad. She likens the flavour to “sour Indian yoghurt” (curd) that was complemented by adding blueberries.

Though it might not be for all, kudos to Westbrook for being confident enough to do this unusual experiment.

Vaginal yoghurt might be one of the most weird breakfast ideas, but is it actually healthy?

Many local traditions vouch for the health benefits of yoghurt. It’s been used to boost vaginal health and even treat vaginal conditions, like yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis. 

Yoghurt is plentiful in probiotics, which are believed to battle certain types of fungal infections. 

But its health benefits go beyond that. An eight-ounce cup of yoghurt has 400 milligrams of calcium, which is about half of our daily needs. But be sure to steer clear of artificially sweetened yoghurt. 

Probiotics in yoghurt have also been known to boost digestive health and metabolism. 

Can You Make Healthy Yoghurt With Vaginal Bacteria? This Woman Thinks So

Would you try vaginal yoghurt? We’re sure many will cringe at one of the weirdest breakfast ideas we’ve ever heard of! | Image source: iStock

But is ingesting bacteria from, er, your own vagina, a healthy option? Granted that you are in the tip-top shape down there, then Westbrook’s theory pretty much works. 

But just because she’s discovered a new ingredient and suffered no ill effects after, it doesn’t mean all women should give it a go. Our vaginas are in varying stages of health, and what worked for Westbrook may not work for all. 

Vaginal yoghurt is just one of the many weird breakfast ideas around the world

Yes, there are other strange and weird breakfast ideas that will either make you giggle or just exclaim, “say WHAT?!”

Can You Make Healthy Yoghurt With Vaginal Bacteria? This Woman Thinks So

Image source: iStock


In Mexico, there is such a thing as dining on diseased corn for breakfast. The fungus found in the infected corn has a mushroom-like flavour. Though unappetising for some, locals boast that it is a safe delicacy.

Sheep heart, liver, and lungs

If you’re ever in Scotland, then you might come across this type of meaty treat called Haggis. But aside from oats, milk, and sugar, it’s made with other flavourful ingredients. To make Haggis, you have to add onion, sheep heart, liver, lungs, and other spices and let them simmer for several hours.

Animal feet

Both Pakistan and Bangladesh make use of the head and feet of cows, lambs, or goats to whip up Siri Paya. 

Siri Paya is a traditional breakfast made with onions, tomatoes, and curry spices.

But none of them can hold a candle to Westbrook, who has so far come up with the strangest breakfast recipe. But we’re fairly certain this won’t be a celebrated delicacy just yet.


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