10 Weird alcoholic drinks to help you keep your sanity this Xmas!

10 Weird alcoholic drinks to help you keep your sanity this Xmas!

This holiday season, celebrate with weird alcoholic drinks because your kids are home, your in-laws are coming to your house, and your relatives are on their way, and you seriously CANNOT talk to them sober and stay positively sane.

It’s Christmas time, and obviously, you need a drink. Even weird alcoholic drinks will do. In fact, the weirder the alcoholic drinks, the better. As every parent knows, there’s no weirder job than parenting. So cheers, mums and dads. Here’s a list of 10 weird alcoholic drinks to help you through the holidays. You deserve it.

The kids are busy destroying the house, your parents and in-laws are on their way. We feel you. You don’t want to tackle the holidays completely sober.

If you’re going to drink, make it interesting. We’ve compiled a list of interesting weird alcoholic drinks from around the world that will either hit the spot, or make you swear off alcohol altogether.

1. Bacon Vodka

weird alcohol

Source: bakonvodka.com

You might ask, Why?! We say, Why not?!

We love bacon. Even if some of us have sworn not to eat another sliver of pork again, sometimes it’s really just worth the slight discomfort and the double bypass surgery, you know? So having both alcohol and bacon in a bottle is a true Christmas gift.

Made by the people of Seattle’s Black Rock Spirits, Bakon Vodka is unusual for infusing a familiar flavor with a spirit. It has the meaty, peppery flavor of newly cooked bacon married to the crisp, clean taste of vodka. It’s great for mixing with savory cocktails like the Bloody Mary, but has a huge potential for creative mixes.

It’s currently available for shipping within the US, Canada, the whole European region (through Germany and Denmark), Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Depending on where you’ll get one, it ranges from US$16 to US$42

2. Yogurito

weird alcohol

Source: thedailymeal.com

Want to be healthy and tipsy? Well, a yogurt-based alcoholic drink may be the answer. Yogurito is a tangy, yogurt-based liquor made in Holland, bottled in France, and sold only in Japan. It costs US$14.78 per 500 mL bottle.

Yogurito can be taken straight or mixed with orange or pineapple juice, a treat for health buffs who adore yogurt. A Suntory representative remarked, “Yogurito is made from yogurt and tastes like yogurt, but is not yogurt. We cannot say that it’s healthy.”

3. Smoked salmon vodka

weird alcohol

Source: Pinterest

Nothing says Alaska like salmon-flavored vodka. It’s made from actual smoked salmon, distilled with glacier water (which is AWESOME). It’s great taken straight or mixed with savory cocktails like a Bloody Mary. It costs US$26.99 for a half bottle and US$35.99 for the full bottle. It’s only currently available in the US region. Weird alcohol, aye?

4. Sriracha Vodka

weird alcohol

Source: uvvodka.com

Just because this is sriracha vodka, it doesn’t mean you can put it on your spring rolls. We also advise you not to put sriracha in your vodka either if you want to get this liquor at a fraction of the cost.

This spicy vodka by UV is 60-proof alcohol that comes in a bottle similar to the popular Sriracha sauce bottle by Huy Fong Foods. It can be mixed with raspberry schnapps, cranberry juice, or a Bloody Mary. Who’s up for a Sriracha vodka, Salmon vodka, and Bakon vodka mix?

It’s only available in the US at the moment, and retails for US$8.99 to US$29

5. Anty Gin

weird alcohol

Source: cambridgedistillery.co.uk

I know what you’re thinking: how different is it from having ants in my alcohol? Would it make a difference?

Well, red wood ants produce something called formic acid, which is a reactive compound in alcohol responsible for its various aromas. Each bottle contains approximately 62 ants. These ants give the gin a distinct lemon lime flavour, with a hint of lemongrass, wood avens, nettles, alexander, and juniper.

It’s currently sold out but it’s now on to its fifth batch. Each batch is only restricted to 99 bottles. It sells for £210, shipping to the world for an additional £50. You can order it here.

6. Sourtoe Cocktail

weird alcohol

Source: 30dayadventure.ca

In a hotel in the smallest and westernmost of Canada’s three federal territories, the Yukon, is a bar called the Sourdough Salloon. In that bar, you can order a shot of clear alcohol and with a little ceremony, they will serve it to you with a real preserved disembodied human toe in it, with a plop and a cheer.

The name of this weird alcohol? The Sourtoe Cocktail. It’s a time-honoured tradition among many Canadians in Dawson City, Canada and goes way way back in 1973. You can read about the story of the Sourtoe Cocktail here and here.

If you want to experience this weird liquor, you’ll have to go to the Sourdough Salloon in Canada, purchase a shot (any clear or brown liquor will do), pledge the Sourtoe Oath, watch as the toe is dropped into your drink, and then drink it. And you have to observe their most important rule:

“You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips have gotta touch the toe”

7. Baby Mouse Wine

weird alcohol

Source: Flickr.com

If you have a rat infestation in your house, this is one of the best ways to intimidate your pesky enemies. 

Baby mice wine is traditionally made and consumed in China as a health drink, brewed by drowning live baby mice (three days old, tops) in rice wine and letting it all ferment in a bottle for a year. It’s one way to keep anyone you don’t want to talk to away from you, that’s for sure. 

Because of import restrictions, you can only get these from China or Chinatowns in some parts of the world. Prices may vary. 

8. Three Penis Wine


weird alcohol

Source: reddit.com

Three-penis wine, or Tezhi Sanbian Jiu in Chinese, is a wine made from seal, deer, and dog penis. Sometimes, it’s made of snake, deer, and dog penis. They made it because they believed drinking the fermented penises of other animals would give them the virility they needed when one human penis just wasn’t enough.

Feeling lethargic? Drink wine with mice babies! Feeling impotent? Drink alcohol made from other penises? What will humans think of next?

Because of import restrictions, you can only get this alcohol from China or Chinatowns in some parts of the world. Prices may vary. 

9. Tapeworm shot

weird alcohol

Source: Youtube.com

HEAR US OUT. Don’t judge it ‘til you know what it’s made of: tabasco sauce, vodka, black pepper, and a sliver of mayonnaise.


It’s available in any bar if you have the courage to make this simple request. Prices may vary.

10. Scorpion Vodka

weird alcohol

Source: Youtube

If you really want to go hardcore and feel alive, have a heady swig of Scorpion vodka.

The scorpion in the bottle is bred in southern China for safe consumption in alcohol. It’s fermented in the vodka for three months, and it undergoes a special detoxifying process that neutralises its poison, making it safe to drink (and eat).

The wine has a woody taste which, trust us, is just the taste of the scorpion. Bottom’s up!

It costs £12.99 for a 70ml bottle and £26.99 for a 250 ml bottle. This weird alcohol’s shipping distribution is currently restricted because of its…well…weirdness, so if you want one, you might have to go to the UK or settle for a slightly cheaper version in a Chinatown near you.

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