Newlywed couple's helicopter crashes, leaving no survivors

Newlywed couple's helicopter crashes, leaving no survivors

The couple experienced, according to a friend, "the best day of their lives" before their lives tragically ended.

The sweetest blessings can herald the worst of tragedies, just as a recent wedding tragedy has shown.

Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman Byler were college sweethearts, still in university. So much in love with each other, they knew they were destined for each other forever, and decided to get married. 

Their beautiful wedding was held on Saturday, 3rd November 2018. No one ever expected it to end in tragedy. As the celebrations came to an end, the couple bid farewell to their guests and departed in a helicopter.

But the helicopter crashed, killing the just-married couple and the Vietnam veteran pilot.

Friends, family and netizens express their sorrow over wedding tragedy

Madi Wagner, the couple’s photographer and friend, took to Facebook to share news of their death, saying “These two spent their last day on this earth celebrating with their most cherished loved ones — I believe it truly was the best day of their lives.”

Many people commented on Madi’s post, offering their condolences.

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