Ways to unclutter your home

Ways to unclutter your home

When you walk into your house at the end of the day, you want to be greeted with a clean and inviting environment. You don't want to be stepping over your children's toys or have to push furniture out of the way to get to the kitchen or your room.

If your home is cluttered with lots of items, then you need to clear things up! Here are some simple tips on how to have an uncluttered home.

  • Be organised. Decide which items you need to keep and what can be put away. Teach your kids to pick up their toys after playing with them.
  • Don't be afraid to get rid of stuff. A good practice to have is if you have not used something for the past year, then give it to someone who might need it or throw it away.
  • Have a garage sale. Sell some items that you don't want and at the same time make some extra income for yourself.
  • Keep a dustbin in each room. It makes it easier to throw things away when you don't need them right then and there.
  • To keep a room uncluttered, you need to remove at least one third of the items the space currently contains.

Apart from throwing things out, you can also establish storage systems in each room to maintain a neat home. These include:

  • Living room - Keep a large cabinet to store all your books, magazines and photo albums so that they are not left lying around.
  • Bedroom - Have a shoe rack to place all your shoes and slippers.
  • Bathroom - Place racks in your shower area to keep your shampoos and soaps. Have a towel rail so that you can place your towels neatly. Also, keep all your toothpastes and toothbrushes in a holder next to the sink.
  • Kitchen - Store all your spices and herbs in plastic containers and label them accordingly. Packet items such as soups and seasonings can also be kept in plastic boxes. Have a holder to place all your pens inside so you don't have to look for a pen when you're doing your shopping list.

Storage units

What happens if your home is cluttered and you need to get rid of stuff but you can't throw them away because they hold significant value to you? No problem. You can turn to storage companies that rent out storage space to solve your problem. What's good about self-storage is that it's affordable and safe and it means that you do not have to throw your valuable items away. Here are some tips on how to maintain a storage unit.

  • Before storing the items, label them so that you do not lose track of what you are putting inside the storage unit.
  • Put large furniture such as beds and sitting room sets at the back of the unit and make use of empty drawers and cupboards to put small items inside.
  • Choose a storage company close to your home. This will allow you to make quick trips to and from the storage facility whenever necessary.
  • Place all your frequently needed items in the front of the storage unit so that you can collect them easily.

There are a number of reliable self storage companies in Singapore that you can turn to for help in storing your valuable items. Here's a short list to help you get started.

Extra Space Self Storage, Singapore

Manson Enterprise Pte Ltd

Prestige Services Enterprise

Store-It Self Storage, Singapore

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