Smart eco living at home with ECONAVI

Smart eco living at home with ECONAVI

When looking for a new appliance at home, it is important to consider these three components of a product -- energy saving potential, intelligent and efficient technology as well as environmentally friendly qualities. For smart eco living at home, look no further for a solution that is perfect for you and the little ones in your family.

Panasonic ECONAVI The Ultimate NAVI Race

Winners of the Panasonic ECONAVI The Ultimate NAVI Race S$10,000 Grans Prize

Panasonic’s ECONAVI electronics and home appliances, ranging from air conditioners, refrigerators and washers, is designed specifically for your home to maximise energy savings and reduce water consumption with smart and eco-friendly technology. The ECONAVI technology concept applies high precision human sensor and control programme technologies, optimising operations according to environmental conditions without ever compromising your comfortable lifestyle.

In a bid to promote awareness on the need for intelligent environmentally friendly technology, Panasonic has also launched a regional competition, The Ultimate Navi Race, that emphasises the five key elements of smart technology — namely, Human Activity, Memory, Temperature, Light and Load. The competition winner walked away with the top $10,000 prize, but everyone who participated were glad to have been exposed to and made aware of the innovative technologies that save money and reduce human environmental harm.

The new ECONAVI technology by Panasonic focuses on energy saving measures that benefit both the earth and your family. It doesn’t just fulfil the bare minimum of achieving an eco-friendly brand name, Panasonic’s ECONAVI technology epitomises the intelligent system that personalises a clever way of saving and conservation. That’s not all, as families understand their social responsibility in ensuring a sustainable lifestyle. Rest assured even in the long run, as Panasonic’s smart friendly technology promises not just economical benefits but ecological ones too, with all ECONAVI appliances saving at least 35% energy in your home. Additionally, Mummies get add extra kick out of Panasonic’s ECONAVI appliances too, as they are all produced with child safety regulation.


ECONAVI-Optimised Air Conditioners

Panasonic ECONAVI Aircon

Panasonic Optimised ECONAVI Air conditioner

High-precision Human Activity Sensor moderates the temperature according to room usage. This smart technology senses human existence and the level of activity, then automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly so that less energy is used. The Sunlight Sensor detects changes in sunlight intensity in the room and makes adjustments to temperature according to the time and weather conditions of the day. These sensors result in reduced electricity usage for cooling by up to 35%. Prices start at S$1,299.


ECONAVI-Optimised Refrigerators

Panasonic ECONAVI Fridge

Panasonic ECONAVI Optimised Refrigerator

The technology incorporated in an ECONAVI Refrigerator uses four sensors — light, door opening, room temperature and internal temperature — to analyse total energy use. It adapts to your lifestyle by detecting the level of lighting in the room, when and how often the fridge door is opened, as well as internal and external temperature levels. Based on this, it controls the refrigerator’s internal temperature for greater energy saving. Through its sensors, ECONAVI helps reduce power consumption by up to 40%. Prices start at S$1,099.


ECONAVI-Optimised Washers

Panasonic ECONAVI Optimised Front Load washing machine

Panasonic ECONAVI Optimised Front Load washer

With the innovative 3D sensor, ECONAVI-optimised washers can precisely measure the amount of clothing inside the drum and adapt the energy and water needed for each wash, reducing the total water used. The Inverter technology also receives information from the 3D sensor to determine the amount of drum rotations needed. ECONAVI delivers up to 45% shorter wash time, up to 45% less power usage and up to 40% less water usage. Prices start at S$649 for top load washers and S$1,499 for front load washers.

Visit for more information on Panasonic’s ECONAVI technology.

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Sandra Ong

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