Top 10 home decor trends

Top 10 home decor trends

Moving into your new home? Whether you are remodeling or having a makeover? Check out these top home trends.

When it comes to decorating a home, everyone wants a stylish, trendy and functional look without burning a hole in one’s pocket. Whether it’s a new home or refurbishing an existing one, style it a la mode. Here are the top trends for the year

1. Go Green

With climate change weighing down on our planet, becoming eco- friendly is the mantra for the coming year. Furniture made from re-used wood is in vogue; it could come from a discarded shipping boat or simply an old door. The colours and ‘imperfections’ in the furniture reflect the previous life of the wood before it was made into a dining table, shelf or lamp, giving it a distinct character of its own.

2. Say it with Plants

You can go green literally too. Leafy friends add that x-factor to your décor. Go for big indoor plants like palms, ferns or smaller trees. Or clump small potted plants together in a basket and cover them with pebbles to create a chic look. Cactus or plants with colourful foliage look great indoors. Also with Chinese New Year just around the corner, bring bamboos into your home, and enjoy the luck, serenity and positive energy they bring.

3. Mix and Mash styles

Classic antique ornate pieces work very well against modern clean cut furniture pieces, creating depth with contrasting elements. Play with artifacts’ - a classic pot can be enhanced by metallic handles or a traditional chandelier can be coloured unexpectedly. Eclectic styling, seen particularly in the revival of colonial furniture in Singapore and a mixing of periods, allows for a home to convey the personality of the owner. Hang an antique door as artwork in your otherwise contemporarily styled room to give it an edge. Furniture and accessories, which incorporate metal, ceramics, wood, iron and brass will be in vogue in the coming year as will furniture with a raw look.

4. Just pure Vintage

If mix-n-match is not your style, you can go pure vintage. It’s timeless and always in vogue. Nostalgia and old world designs from both the east and the west will be the rage in 2011. Antique furniture pieces can be given a new lease of life with modern re-upholstery. So whether it is antique cabinets or armchairs, go splurge.

5. Space Savers

Spacious bungalows are passé, and with property prices rising year on year, studio apartments have come to be in vogue. Space is of the essence, and the furniture in your home can reflect that. Go in for that sofa-cum bed, or a sofa-cum-massage chair, a coffee table with in-built cabinets, a bar which doubles as a dining area, or an L-shaped cabinet for the corners which will help maximise your living space while being stylish at the same time.

6. Metallica

Furniture with an industrial look made its mark in 2010, and is here to stay. This furniture fits in with most room schemes, whether its minimalist, modern, traditional or luxuriously detailed settings. Wrought iron furniture is most popular in this category. It’s fancy, cost effective, and can give character to your drawing room as well as your terrace garden. Whether it’s a gold coloured coffee table, an ornate bed, or a chandelier with leaf motifs, these wrought iron products can add that class your living room was missing. You can even style your outdoors with wire garden chairs, tables or gazebos.

7. Invest in Art

Gone are the days when one cluttered the walls with tiny paintings and artifacts. Today a huge, stand-alone painting can be the mainstay of your living room. It’s time to invest in an expensive piece of art, even if you don’t understand it. Not only will it adorn your wall for decades to come, it will also appreciate in value and can be a nice gift to pass on to your kids.

8. A Splash of Colour

Just repainting your house can give it a new dimension. Mix colours in a room or contrast the wall colour with the furniture. A light, airy, citrus yellow will be in vogue in 2011. Vintage wine is also a good option when paired with leather couches or wood finishes. Or try a deep brown base with a hint of smoky violet to make your home look magnificent.

9. Go Wicker

Woven wicker furniture gained immense popularity earlier this year and promises to be a hit in 2011 as well. Couches and coffee tables made out of woven wicker are low maintenance and UV- Resistant. They look stylish indoors and are practical for the outdoors as well.

10. Rugs

An intricately hand woven or Persian carpet, can do wonders to your room. Put it in your living room to add vibrancy to those couches or use it to sit on in your study. Cotton or sheep skin rugs come in different sizes and are perfect to lounge on, and you can mount some colourful cushions on it to add some character.

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