Vivian Chow shares her ageless beauty secrets

Vivian Chow shares her ageless beauty secrets

45-year-old Vivian Chow looks lovelier than ever and it’s not from resorting to quick fixes like plastic surgery. The Hong Kong celebrity shares her secrets to looking stunning at her age. Read on for quick beauty tips.

Vivian Chow on Asian Beauty Secrets

Vivian Chow tells all on beauty secrets and how to live a beautiful life

It is no secret that Asians age better if compared to their Western counterparts. However many celebrities seem to defy the aging process that many may be plagued with. What’s the secret? Plastic surgery and layers of make up can fool people about the real age behind that skin—but for how long? Read on for Vivian Chow’s unconventional beauty secrets.

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What’s her Asian beauty secret?

Her youthful looks are not from fads, diets, or a quick plastic fix. In fact, it is something attainable and cost-free but may be quite a task to achieve. Take a step back and search deep within yourself and ask: “What are my true needs to lead a fulfilling life?” No, it isn’t a trick question and it isn’t the easiest question to answer either.

Being comfortable in your own skin

Vivian Chow made a ravishing appearance at Sasa’s 35th Anniversary event, as she is spokesperson of the brand. Her ensemble showed off her sex appeal– a black chiffon dress with a sheer effect and a plunging neckline. She revealed that though her outfits are sexy, she would not venture into a territory where she feels uncomfortable in what she is wearing or that her husband, Joe Nieh, would not approve of.

Radiant skin every woman wants

If you are one of many women who wonder how she maintains her youthful and fair skin, wonder no more. In a report on AsiaOne, Vivian Chow discloses her Asian beauty secret: “Maintaining health is very important for beauty. You need to also know the needs of your skin and be able to supplement it with the right products. After a certain age, we will find that our skin’s elasticity lessens, which can be boosted with collagen-enhancing products.”

She went on to say in the report that: “Being happy is very important, so remember to smile everyday.”

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Live a beautiful life

For a celebrity who has everything she needs in life, what would be considered a beautiful life? Vivian Chow spilled the beans on this topic: “A beautiful life is linked to your attitude in life. For myself, it has to do with love. For example, this includes a person’s responsibility towards society, your values, and your relationships with other people. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 27 years, and the audience has not forgotten me, which is amazing.”

She also added that: “It’s necessary for everyone’s efforts and energy in a love-driven mission. To me, this is what completes a beautiful life.” So mummies out there, find a cause that you are passionate about or pick up an art that you enjoy spending hours on besides your children. There should always be passion in your everyday life. Remember that everyday is a miracle. You are a miracle!

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What is a fulfilled life

However, what is the true essence of a fulfilled life? For Vivian Chow it is this tidbit of wisdom that we can all ponder over: “At every stage, you need different things. To live a wonderful life, you must know what you really need. Follow your heart to lead a more fulfilling life.”

The true secret to beauty

If you’re expecting to find beauty secrets such as DIY tips to losing weight, fairer skin or a radiant glow, this article is a start. First step is to fix yourself internally and then you will realise there isn’t much to work on, on the outside. When you are unhappy, it is easy to find fault with your outer appearance. Heal yourself on the inside and you will heal on the outside as well.

The secret to looking marvelous regardless of age it is very much about feeling good and doing things that make you feel great. If you are happy internally, you will appear beautiful and radiant on the outside. If you are always stressed and unhappy, no amount of make up, collagen-enhancing products or even plastic surgery can help– as you will be missing that glow of happiness.

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Happiness leads to beauty

In short, happiness leads to beauty. Do some introspection and find out what makes life fulfilling for you, besides being a parent, and live to achieve that. Good luck on your quest to look youthful and radiant.

Hope you found this article on beauty secrets and how to lead a beautiful life helpful. Please do share your thoughts, tips and ideas with us and other mothers in the comment section.

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