Most viral articles on theAsianparent Singapore in 2018

Most viral articles on theAsianparent Singapore in 2018

These are some serious reminders to parents about what to do and what not to do.

This year has been an interesting one for news. So much has happened. There have been many tragedies and also  many warnings to parents from others. 

In case you missed it, these are the top stories from 2018:

Singapore girl with leukaemia

10. Singapore girl with leukaemia pleads with her mum, "Why not kill me and give birth to me again?"

Unfortunately, Little Zelle did not make it through the year and we wish the family our deepest condolences.

9. Newborn dies due to second-hand smoking: A grim warning to all parents

This heartbreaking case of a baby dying because of cigarette smoke is a tragic reminder to all smokers to avoid smoking around little ones.

nagging wife

8. Nagging is good for your husband's health, says study

You don't have to be shy to admit that you low-key tagged your husbands in this. 

hfmd from playgrounds

7. UPDATED 21 Sept 2018: Childcare centres in Singapore affected by HFMD

A toddler died of HFMD this year. There was an outbreak in Singapore daycares and we kept parents updated on the list of childcare centres affected.

6. 5-year-old girl gets molested in shopping mall restroom

Child safety in public places was highlighted this year when this case arose. Parents were warned not to let their children go to the bathrooms alone.

Most viral articles on theAsianparent Singapore in 2018

5. What parents must know about the Momo suicide challenge

This viral Internet trend that encourages kids to commit suicide is one of the darkest moments for 2018. Parents were cautioned to protect their children from the Momo Suicide Challenge. 

4. Mum injected with skin-cleanser instead of epidural left paralysed

What was meant to be a routine spinal anaesthesia injection before childbirth turned horribly wrong, leaving a mum never to be able to care for her own son.

Most viral articles on theAsianparent Singapore in 2018

3. Child dies after mum replaces asthma medicine with essential oils

There is a reason why doctors have prescribed your children medicine... Don't go changing it up to your liking and always check to see if whatever substance you're using is safe for kids.

botulism in babies

2. 6-Month-Old baby dies after family feeds him honey: Botulism in babies

This story is a grim reminder to parents not to feed their babies honey, especially if they are under the age of one! It can cause botulism in babies and lead to death. 

Most viral articles on theAsianparent Singapore in 2018

1. Death of a newborn shows why infants should never be fed solids

A 10-day-old baby died after his grandmother fed him banana porridge. It doesn't matter who the caretaker of the baby is, you should caution anyone who is caring for your baby not to feed them solids until they are of age.

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