Vastu tips for pregnancy - How to keep mother and baby in harmony!

Vastu tips for pregnancy - How to keep mother and baby in harmony!

Dubbed as "Indian Feng Shui," Vastu is an ancient science that taps on the natural benefits offered by the five basic elements of the universe. Read on to find out how it can help keep expectant mothers and their babies in harmony.

Vastu (or Vaastu) is an ancient Indian science which helps one to tap on the natural benefits offered by the five basic elements of the universe.

These basic elements are: sky, earth, water, fire and wind. Vastu can be applied by keeping in harmony with these five elements.

Vastu tips for pregnancy

  • Meditate and practice breathing exercises while sitting in the north-eastern corner of your house. According to Vastu, the north-east is ruled by Easanya, thereby indicating that it is a very important and spiritually elevated zone.
  • If you are feeling weak, tired or are ill, try spending time in the East of your house. The East is believed to be ruled by Indra/Sakra, the God of war and weather. Hence, Indra has power over the rising sun, which is believed to have power over the bones, eyes, heart, spinal cord, and blood circulation.
  • The South and South-east sector of the house and room are places to be avoided during the first trimester. It is believed that the South-east is the habitat of fire, and the South is the abode of Yama, the God of Death. Hence, spending time in the South/South-East of the house may induce miscarriages.
  • If you are having trouble sleeping, try sleeping with your head in the south direction, so as to maintain the natural polarity of your body and health of both yourself and your foetus.
  • Normally, one's basal body warmth is higher during pregnancy. It is, therefore, advisable to sit a little further away from the television, computer or any gadget that emanates electrical or electro-magnetic energies.
  • Playing around with different colours can make you feel more comfortable during your pregnancy. A room painted in white is the most ideal for a pregnant lady. If plain white is too stark, opt for pearly or silvery white.
  • Exposure to blue, violet and indigo lights are also recommended. Blue is believed to have a cooling and astringent effect. In case of pains, indigo can be an effective anesthetic. Violet is said to be good for bone growth, maintaining the potassium and sodium balance of the body. And for mothers-to-be who regularly meditate, here's what Leonardo Da Vinci had to say: “The power of meditation can be ten times greater under violet light...”

vastu tips for pregnancy

Vastu during pregnancy: What to avoid

  • Never sleep or sit under beams, as they are made of concrete and iron. They tend to cause stress and may cause you to fall ill.
  • Avoid a toilet that is positioned under the stairway. You will be carrying negative vibes all around the house.
  • Paintings of dragons, wars and other violent images are a strict no-no. They evoke tensions and feelings of unhappiness.
  • Do not keep any thorny plants like cacti or plants that give out a milky white sap (rubber plants) in your home. Stay away from bonsai plants too as they symbolise retarded growth.

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