3 ways to have a green Valentine's Day

3 ways to have a green Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine's Day all that comes to mind is the color red. This Valentine's Day, have a major change! Try going green this year--it isn't so hard.

3 ways to have a green Valentine's Day

Have an Eco-friendly alternative this 14th February—it is not hard and can save you some money too.

Many of us believe in saving the earth in every possible way we can. So why not start from the much celebrated concept of love.

Valentine’s Day is a day filled with cards, chocolates, flowers and gifts.  Like many holidays, its celebration can create unintentional environmental side effects, such as an increased consumption and strain on natural resources.

Since love has no boundaries, spread some love to the planet as well by planning a  Eco-Friendly Valentine's day.

Here are some things you can do for your lover this Valentine's day:

1. Send an e-Valentine in lieu of a paper Valentine.

If you are sending a paper Valentine, be certain to send one that is printed on paper containing recycled-content.  Don’t forget to recycle Valentines you have received that you aren’t keeping!

2. Give organic or locally grown flowers, a potted plant, a tree seedling or a perennial plant instead of the traditional bouquet of flowers.

A tree seedling is the perfect gift for your Valentine to nurture your and grow your relationship with him/her!

3. Give organic or fair-trade chocolates.

Organic chocolates are produced in an eco-friendly manner without the use of pesticides, and fair-trade chocolates ensure that cacao farmers work in healthy, sustainable and safe environments.

Source: insidevandy, oneindia

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