Valentine's Day For Victoria Beckham Was So Special! Here's Why

Valentine's Day For Victoria Beckham Was So Special! Here's Why

This Valentine's Day card was made by someone very close to her. Read on to find out who got Victoria Beckham gushing on this day of love!

Victoria Beckham is a proud mother. This businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer, who is also a mother of four, received a special card from a special someone on Valentine’s Day. Let me not stretch the suspense. This adorable card was sent to her by none other than her five-year-old daughter.

Little Harper Beckham, made a card decorated with paper hearts made to seem like flowers. It said, “I love you, mummy. Happy Valentine’s Day. Will you be my Valentine?” Beyond adorable? Absolutely. No wonder then that the proud mother hen put it up on her Instagram page. A token of appreciation like this can make any parent swoon. It doesn’t even matter if a stray card like this comes our way on any day, and not just Valentine’s Day.

It's moments like these that make parenthood absolutely worth all the sleepless nights and worry-filled days. Getting a well-worded card and expensive gifts from your partner suddenly seem so passe. This barely-legible, bordering-on-tacky, but full of genuine emotions card seems like the best gift ever.

Valentine's Day

Clearly, Valentine's Day is no longer meant just for adults. The fact that even 4-year-olds are making cards for their classmates for this ‘special’ day shows how much it matters to them. Do they understand the importance of this day? Is there something to be understood, really? Well, the answer depends.

Valentine's Day in school is a good idea?

In my daughter’s school, these days aren’t celebrated. Since a child’s world usually revolves around home and school, sometimes I feel it’s a good thing that not a lot of emphasis is put on Valentine's Day. It’s not just about protecting her from the shallowness (and the commercial aspect) of the whole deal. I’d rather encourage my daughter to be kinder and more empathetic than act on a trend that puts unnecessary and unnatural pressure on children and adults alike. As adults, perhaps we can rationalise not getting cards or getting too many of them.

However, how do you stop an 8-year-old’s heart from breaking assuming he/she hasn’t received as many cards/gifts as his/her friend? I agree that I can’t forever protect my child from this. In fact, she has already been exposed to these fancy days.

When she asked me what Valentine's Day is, all I said was it’s a day when you express your love for your most favourite people. I didn’t want to say that it had to be ONE person. Just to see if she got the essence of it, I asked her who her Valentines were and she said, her mommy, daddy, grandparents, and two of her best friends were her Valentines. I wish her list keeps growing and I hope she doesn’t feel the need to express her love for her favourite people on one specific day, as an annual exercise.


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