7 creative ways to spend Valentine's Day as a family

7 creative ways to spend Valentine's Day as a family

Mums and dads, Valentine's Day shouldn't be all about you and your partner -- remember to spread the love with your little ones too!

It's Valentine's Day! Here are some creative ways to spend V-Day together as a family.

#1 Cook a lovely breakfast as a family

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Start the special day by preparing breakfast together. Getting your little ones to participate in the kitchen is not only a fun activity to do together; it's also a way for all of you to bond and have that family time you truly deserve.

#2 Bake heart-shaped everything!

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Bake Valentine's goodies together with your loved ones. You can bake heart-shaped cookies, cakes or sweets -- it's entirely up to you. If your kids are tired of baking heart-shaped everything, get them to make a cookie version of themselves. At the end of the day, the important thing is to have fun doing it!

#3 Express your love for one another

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Encourage each one of our children (and hubby) to share around the table what they love and appreciate about each other. You can prepare coloured cards and pens for everyone to write down loving notes about one another. It'll help all of you bond as a family -- it can even become an annual family tradition.

#4 DIY gift-making session

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Get everyone to make their own special gifts using household items. Creating a simple DIY card or scrapbook is enough to put a smile on your kiddo's face. They can even attach their heart-shaped cookies they've made earlier on their little gift card.

#5 Create your own family activity!

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Tired of playing Monopoly and charades at home? Why not create your own outdoor family activity? You can have a themed treasure hunt or play tag as a family. The important thing is to emphasise the power of love and you can do that just by running around, having careless fun with each other.

#6  Have a Valentine's Day-themed family dinner

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Set up your dinner table according to a theme of your choice. You can even scatter around the table the DIY gifts and goodies everyone has done throughout the day. This is the time to get crazy creative!

#7  Secret Valentine gift exchange

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Many people are familiar with the concept of a “Secret Santa” gift exchange during the holidays where people agree to participate in several days of gift giving. The idea is that the participants don’t know who is giving the gifts each day until the final day and the “Secret Santa” is revealed.

Here’s a new twist on an old idea; since Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love, consider setting up a Secret Valentine’s gift exchange with your family members. Remember to include your little ones -- have them give their DIY gifts they've made earlier. They'll definitely feel much more included in this lovely holiday.

What will you and your family be up to this Valentine's? Share below!

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Mizah Salik

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