10 Vagina grooming treatments you've probably never heard of!

10 Vagina grooming treatments you've probably never heard of!

Have you heard of Vajazzling or Vajacials? Which of these vagina grooming treatments would you be willing to try, mums?

Though going au naturel is still the most advisable way to groom pubic hair — plus the fact that your vagina has this amazing way of keeping itself clean — some mums still prefer other vagina grooming techniques.

When it comes to pampering their most intimate parts, some mums are willing to go the extra mile. Which of these vagina grooming treatments would you be willing to try?

10 vagina grooming treatments that are growing in popularity!

1. Vajazzling

This first rose to fame several years ago as a hot new fashion trend. As the name suggests, it involves bedazzling the vagina with jewels, usually Swarovski crystals. These can easily be removed in just a few days.

Just make sure your skin is hairless and clean before vajazzling! Of course there is a risk that accessories can be dislodged during certain (sexual) activities, so be careful.

Dr. Suzanne Merrill-Nach also warns about the possibility of infection in an interview with TIME. So make sure the process is sanitary, whether you have this treatment done at a beauty parlour or using your own DIY kit.

2. Vajacial

A vagina facial, or vajacial, helps cleanse, tone, moisturise, and exfoliate the bikini area. The 25-minute pampering process, which also removes excess hair, results in smooth, rejuvenated skin along the bikini area. It is recommended for women with pesky ingrown hairs. 

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Yes, a vajacial is a facial for your vagina! | Image source: Pinterest

3. Vaginal Bleaching

This treatment makes use of skin lightening creams to brighten the vaginal area. Though dermatological clinics offer this service, there are kojic acide and vitamin C-based creams you can purchase over the counter.

With consistent use, you can see lighter, pinkish skin in as little as a few weeks. However, it is important to consult your doctor before applying any new substance to your intimate area. 

4. Vaginal Steaming

Also known as “ganggang” in some Singapore spas, this vagina grooming treatment involves sitting atop a bowl of steaming herbs to tighten and cleanse the vagina. Some say it helps control odour and infections as well as keep menstrual cramps at bay.

This first gained popularity after celebrity mum Gwyneth Paltrow touted the benefits of the treatment. However, many were skeptical. What’s more, many experts agreed that steaming or douching does more harm than good.

It’s important to note that further research is needed to support the effectivity of this treatment, so it’s definitely something to consult your doctor about!

5. IPL Hair Removal

This vagina grooming treatment involves the use of intense pulsed light (IPL) to remove unwanted hair and lessen further hair growth. Depending on a person’s response, it takes a few sessions for the treatment to take effect. 

I’ve personally tried IPL underarm hair removal and the sensation was like being flicked lightly by a taut rubber band. But I’m quite sure it’s a little more painful “down there,” as the vagina is definitely more sensitive than our underarms.

Hair tends to grow back after seven to eight months, so prepare to shell out more to get the treatment done again.

6. Sugaring

This mild alternative to waxing makes use of a paste made of sugar mixed with water and lemon. Since this vagina grooming treatment doesn’t use hot chemicals, it’s naturally a gentler way to rid your vagina of unwanted hair. Even if it is mild, however, the whole process can still irritate sensitive skin and some say, it can be quite painful.

Though hair regrowth isn’t as quick when compared to simple shaving, hair does grow back eventually.

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image source: pexels

7. Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

This anaesthesia-free, 30-minute procedure makes use of radio frequency (RF) to stimulate the vagina’s natural collagen fibres. This procedure tightens the vagina and improves its tone and texture, but it can’t do much for the vaginal muscles after childbirth. 

8. Pubic Hair Transplant

You’ve probably heard of treatments to manage hair growth, but did you know some women undergo transplants for thicker pubic hair? This restorative procedure helps correct sparse hair growth, usually caused by prolonged hair removal over the years, which could have caused hair growth to become thin and patchy. 

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image source: fotolia 

9. Hymenoplasty

Otherwise known as a “Virgin Vagina” treatment, this 30-minute surgical procedure reconstructs the hymen. After the procedure, a woman is not allowed to have sex for about six weeks.

Naturally, it has become controversial. For starters, it can be expensive. Also, many wonder why women would undergo a procedure that only benefits their sexual partner. However, it is ultimately a mum’s choice whether she wants to do it for her husband. The important thing is to have it done by a safe and licensed professional.

10. Labial Rejuvenation

Similar to collagen fillers to plump up the face, this treatment involves stimulating collagen production to reverse drooping of the labia.

This procedure reshapes the exterior vaginal lips or labia that cover the outer part of the vagina. Not only does it improve vaginal appearance, it also has been known to promote comfort during intercourse.

Though these treatments help boost confidence, it’s always best to consult your obstetrician/gynaecologist to make sure you’re not putting your health and wellness at risk.

What do you think of these treatments, mums? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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